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Nation of Ellen DeGeneres

During her routine 12 month check-up, Hallie was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA); one of the rarest forms of anemia in the world. To ensure Hallie received the best treatment her family relocated to Texas, so that she could be close to one of the 4 hospitals in the U.S. that have DBA specialists. Since her move, Hallie has seen remarkable progress and is now a happy and healthy 1st grader. However the ultimate cure for her disorder is a transplant. Get registered today! #DKMS

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Jennifer Scott

... a big fan of spontaneous recognition.

A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

Best All In One Quotes: I'm too positive to be doubtful

I'm too positive to be doubtful

...a recruiter at heart. It's in my blood.


...thankful to all of our clients who have helped us get this far. 8 years and counting!

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Jennifer Scott


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...a big fan of strategically using LinkedIn for networking!

Are you linked in or linked out? - SmartCEO

... a Culture Addict. Even at the Grocery Store.

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...working on me...

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Jennifer Scott advocate for improving the job search experience.

6 Steps to the Top of the Recruiter’s A List

...Dreaming Big.

Inspirational Quotes Of The Week - 32 Pics

...practicing patience and mindfulness.

World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn

Entrepreneurfrom Entrepreneur

You'll Never Guess Where Female Entrepreneurship Is On the Rise (Infographic)

... proud to be a Female Entrepreneur! You'll Never Guess Where Female Entrepreneurship Is On the Rise (Infographic)

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... an advocate for Employee Referral Systems! Here are 101 Ideas for Employee Referrals Rewards by RolePoint Employee Referral Program Software via slideshare

101 Ideas for Employee Referrals Rewards

...totally amused by this line, "Good recruiters want to distance themselves from the average SPHR who cares about getting their CPEs in at SHRM for good reason". Read this to find out why!

I'm Not In HR. Trust Me.

Harvard Business Reviewfrom Harvard Business Review

Building a Feedback-Rich Culture

...a fan of feedback!

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...a recruiter. And PROUD of it!

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... practicing Positive Discipline. Where did we ever get the idea that in order to get our kids to DO better, first we have to make them FEEL worse?

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... an advocate for better updates! Tips to better status updates - an informative infographic.

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... a "social for small biz" evangelist. The Small Business Guide to Twitter – Simply Business

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... a LinkedIn enthusiast!

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...a dedicated recruiter. Why You Can't Hire the People You Need - It's Not What You Think

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...a LinkedIn enthusiast!!

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