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Brilliant colorized photo of Abraham Lincoln done in Photoshop. Click thru for all of the info. Love this. #colorized

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Your prom pictures are no longer safe. Here's Snoop [Insert Animal Name] and a dozen other celebrities on their night of high school magic.

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TIny exhibitions curated inside closets, abandoned freight elevators, and even a converted bus. Any space can become a unique museum experience.

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"Embracing Analog" is a great article about our nostalgia countertrend which is ultimately an "appeal to our search for 'authenticity.' Increasingly, it’s the 'imperfect' that feels especially authentic—a counter to the standardized, mass-produced or otherwise polished offerings that prevail today."

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Sometimes heritage is just gross. Advanced archeological techniques prove that this 14-year old girl was eaten: She has been reconstructed after archaeologists found her bones in Jamestown, Virginia. Her remains show that she died during the “starving time” period and bare the telltale signs of cannibalism.

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Azadeh Akhlaghi's "By an Eye Witness" photography series stages re-creations of major Iranian events, based on eyewitness accounts and archival material. On December 7, 1953, which later became the day Iran observes “Students’ Day” three Tehran University students were called after staging a protest of the visit of then US Vice-President, Richard Nixon. (Azadeh Akhlaghi)

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