Pretty much

Hell hath no fury like me when I'm slightly inconvenienced and hungry. So true!

Best. Shirt. Ever.

The List: Friday, November 30

Now that's funny

Funny pictures about You sure are nosey. Oh, and cool pics about You sure are nosey. Also, You sure are nosey.


I'm pretty sure this was me when I sat down in training today. Rough work week and so glad tmrw is Friday.


This one doesn't exactly fit the bill but I kind of just want it anyways! I Am Unable To Quit As I Am Currently Too Legit Women's Jr Fit T-Shirt

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My decision making skills closely resemble that of a squirrel when crossing the street. LOL I will never look at a squirrel the same again


Shit's about to get fancy. I feel like this is youhow I feel when I am about to get ready.

So true

I hate eating noises.Saw which covered this and it actually has a name (applies to anxiety about other sounds as well): misophonia. Guess I should feel better knowing I'm not the only one out there! This is me to a T.

Dealing with some people is like trying to nail jello to the wall.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: The only thing this juice diet has cleansed me of is my will to live.