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#color #多肉植物 #succulent (Via:ayapl5112 instagrum) ほぉ...これはきれいだ。 お菓子っぽいですね。 観葉植物のお供にヤシマットはどうでしょ?

Hermosa succulents perfect for Cali. Drought tolerant and easy to grow for all the greenthumbs

#succulents #color #pastels

My latest crush! Never-ending succulent trend . there are so many different types of this beautiful plant and I'm always amazed by what people create out of a couple of colorful succulents.

short quiff hairstyle blond hair

Give your hair a new edgier touch by adding a textured quiff. You can re-create the Rock n Roll, puncked-up style or opt for a more subtle modern look like Jennifer Lawrence's slick back style