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#盆栽 #剪定 #bonsai art #bonsai training (Via: fukubonsai.com) よくは解りませんが盆栽の枝の広がりをコントロールできる手法があれこれあるようです。 google翻訳レベルですが、翻訳ページを貼っておきます。 化粧砂にK砂をよろしくです。

Some people really have a difficult time pruning and cutting any branch is almost impossible for them. But we can explain WHY we prune as drastically as we do .


Keeping mini bonsai containers in a sand tray ensures they stay moist for long time. You can even bury the bottom half of the pot and let the roots escape into sand. Cut them only when you need to exhibit them individually.