Golden Sunset, Santorini, Greece

Golden Sunset, Santorini, Greece

Swing senior picture ideas for girls. Senior picture ideas for girls on swings.

island house, Finland

Island House, Finland

Abandoned and Back To Nature 10 Old Homes, Island house Finland. If this is a lake I could live here.

Perhaps a bridge over fish pond for fishing, of course and for Lindsey to meditate on

Swing At Old School House, Quappelle  Swings look so lonely without a child.

Swing At Old School House, Quappelle


♥ Summer Fun: Old Swing in a Tree. I moved quite often, which was always in the country. And we seemed to either have a swing or a bike or both.


My Favorite Place To Take A Walk - Destin, FL - The Sand super soft white sand is my favorite place to take a long walk.