I love this music tattoo!

Bass and treble clef heart tattoo. If I get a tattoo, I'm thinking music notes & flowers, possibly along the back of my ear

I'd risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly

I'd risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly - LOVE this quote and the script is beautiful!

Daisy Flower  Quote Tattoo

Daisy Flower & Quote Tattoo: Something similar with a sunflower and "you are my sunshine" lyrics, perhaps?

Busty girl problems

12 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have

12 problems busty girls have - Yep, I can relate to a few of these. (And I cut the "built in bra" out of everyone of my camisoles. what a joke!


a vivid red lotus flower tattoo on the thigh I WISH i saw this a month ago! I just got a lotus but this one is stunning!


Cute Owl Tattoos - The owl is a very popular tattoo design, however, these owls aren't the traditional looking wise owls, these are incredibly cute!

dreamcatcher ..I love these tattoos

hippie confession: i want a dream catcher tat.but i've had a dream catcher over my bed since i can remember.emily aka 'little thunder' :)