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BABY--------- I've become an expert at pretending things are all right. I'm growing very tired of it. From the moment we met I knew you were someone very special. Little did I realize that I just met--- The Love of my Life.


Finding Motivation + Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #MotivateME

Everyday is a chance to improve,Just remember. None of us have any idea what we’re doing either. No one chooses to exist. You just do. You’re gonna be okay. Life is a beautiful,enjoy it :) Love you…


One of the greatest pieces of advice I can hand down to the younger generation of WOMEN especially is this!Make yourself the top priority in life!Struggle is a dishonorment of our life, make yourself happy and everything flows... This I finally know:)

It’s consistency that wins the day, stay true to what is yours to birth into this world. That includes those who work while everyone else is partying. There is a time for play, but the trick is to have your work already be play in your mind.

Insanity MAX 30 Results & Review: INSANITY 2 WORTHY?

Always compete against yourself to get better. Keep reaching for your weight loss goals!