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Neil Barrett loves fashion so much since he was young. After graduated from London, he worked at Gucci for 5 years, then helped Prada to launch the first men’s collection. He founded his own brand in 1999 and debuted on the runway in 2000. Streamlined styling, masculine, precisely-cut tailoring, athletic and detail are key elements of Neil Barrett. Neil Barrett @ Pompei:

Department 5 is a young Italian brand in fashion industry, which is so popular among youngsters. Creative and innovative are the brand spirits. Also, Department 5 is inspired by army and streetwear. Integrating classic and vintage elements into its unique design makes Department 5 so outstanding. Department 5 @ Pompei: Men: Women:

Emporio Armani is one of the brands of Armani. Different from other vice-lines, Emporio Armani is modern, natural and elegant. Colors in black, white, red and grey are its main tone, which presents trendy and simple character. Emporio Armani @ Pompei:

As we know, Hugo Boss is a famous fashion brand that even famous actor Chow Yun-Fat was also a model on the fashion show for them. They developed 4 brands under the main brand Hugo Boss, including Boss Orange. Boss Orange used modern and Hugo Boss classic elements, and special materials to present young, leisure and smart style. Enjoy up to 70% off on Boss Orange items Boss Orange @ Pompei:

Antonio created his own brand AntPitagora in 2014. His design is full of Renaissance element, and blended with modern photography and 3D technique.Men﹕ Women﹕

"Collection Privée?" is an Italian brand with 30 years history. "Collection Privée?" has wholesale distribution to 19 retailers in 7 countries.The question mark after the brand name express the spirit of adventure to the unknown area. Massimo Bizzi, the designer, cares about details, unique character and materials.

The brand "MAUNA KEA", was named after "MAUNA KEA" volcano which is in Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is a place of enthusiastic. The luxury sportswear style of “MAUNA KEA” is made of the sun and the beach. The brand was founded in 1988, which is inspired by the "MAUNA KEA" environment. MAUNA KEA @ Pompei: #pompei #maunakea #maunakeaofficial #fashion #design #volcano #hawaii #luxury #sportwears #sun #beach #inspiration #jacket #tee #cracked…

Céline handbags is one of favorites of ladies. There is no doubt that Céline is a French luxury brand, which is well known for its leather goods. Apart from handbags, Céline also launches fashion collections in Paris Fashion Week. The brand was founded in 1945 and joined LVMH group in 1996. Within these years, Céline launched a lot of handbags, and "Classic Bag" is one of the best-selling products. Céline @ Pompei:

American street style is very popular fashion in these years. American shoes brand Alejandro Ingelmo launched street style sneakers. Unlike ordinary sport shoes, Alejandro Ingelmo shoes are more changeable. They used a variety of materials, colors and patterns on shoes, but the designs are not clutter at all, and easy to match with different styles. Alejandro Ingelmo is now available in Pompei with 50% off! Alejandro Ingelmo @ Pompei:

Alexander Wang is a successful young Taiwanese-American fashion designer. He launched his first women collection in 2007, which were sold to over 700 stores worldwide. He won CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2008. His design is simple but well-executed cutting and sexy. Alexander Wang @ Pompei: