My Needlework

embroidery, fabric sculpture
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Bunny and dandelion by HL Tyler/Ludi

Bunny and dandelion - NEEDLEWORK - For noelle in the Woodland Creatures swap.

Jackalope Patch by HL Tyler/Ludi

Jackalope Patch by HL Tyler/Ludi

Missing Sector Orb Weaver by HL Tyler

Missing Sector Orb Weaver - NEEDLEWORK - Stumpwork spider for edelc in the One Tiny Unloved Creature Swap.

Mouse and flowers by HL Tyler

Mouse and flowers - NEEDLEWORK - Applique and embroidery. My embroidery overwhelmed my applique.

In Vino Veritas - by HL Tyler/Ludi

In Vino Veritas - NEEDLEWORK - For rantyhippie in the OMG I Need a Drink! Embroidery on printed fabric, glass beads, wool felt, approx x 6 “

Just Be - NEEDLEWORK by HL Tyler

Just Be - NEEDLEWORK - Another applique work, which will be the back cover for a small art inches in diameter