gorgeous when I grow up I want to be picture, would be great for end of yearbook

What do you want to be when you grow up? photograph each child, then asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Some of the answers were hilarious and imaginative. Then, with a little photoshop magic.

Surrounded by cars

Hot Wheels car photo ideas for boys (Love this! Wonder if mine would stay still long enough to get the shot.

www.equilter.com, this design looks like bamboo shoots. the designer has creatred a pattern with the layering of the thick vertical lines. thereis intrest added to the design by the horizontal lines. the target audience for this design is people who are interested in this style of works.

Design inspired by bamboo shoots. A pattern with the layering of the thick vertical lines.

Hola Amiga Pillows by Nate Williams http://www.pinterest.com/socialwebdesign/pins/

Pattern Ideas: Circular surface design patterns for silkscreen Hola Amiga pillows / cushions by Nate Williams

$ 1st grade - end of the year certificates - first grade

First Grade End of the Year Certificates

End of the Year Certificates First Grade As the school year ends, you might want to give kids something so they'll remember this special year in their lives,

End of the Year Awards {21 Super Cute Awards- Pre-K/Kinder

End of the Year Awards {21 Super Cute Awards}

End the year right and a lot of FUN with this packet of 21 SUPER CUTE and CHEERFUL awards for your students! They are colorful, creative, and will sure put a

Jurmo Fabric Navy/Blue/White

Marimekko Jurmo Fabric Navy/Blue/White

Marimekko Blue/White Jurmo PVC Fabric The sleek and stylish Marimekko Blue/White Jurmo PVC Coated Cotton is a bold blue creation designed by Aino-Maija Metsola. Featuring various sized spots sprawling out across the fabric in a linear fash.

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image from www.pinterest.com

Art Journal Every Day: Patterns are Awesome!

Design Inspiration // Circles Open edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf on Etsy

Tonga Batik Calypso Daisy Block Navy

An entry from American Gentility

EW - Nice collection of leaves prints in subtle colours

missprint will be launching their new little trees fabric available in 2 colourways at design this week between September 2011 at earls court, london. better known for their striking wallpapers here are a few of my favourite missprint designs.