Cool Down Cubes for Emotional Regulation

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Comfort Zone: 6 Powerful Steps to Leave It

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27 ways to encourage team work in class

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Words to Replace Negative Self-Talk. You're Awesome. Start Talking to Yourself That Way.

Positive Daily Affirmations to Replace Negative Self-Talk.


Writing - 50 things I love

Ball of grief - A tangled "Ba;;" of emotions. Allowing them, understanding them, respecting them is all part of the healing process & the "Grief Cycle"

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Learn more about Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy and how it used to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

REBT Therapy - The Delray Recovery Center


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Standard symbols for genograms. This can be helpful for mapping out family relationships for client/family.

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Narrative Therapy Project: Tree of Life (group idea for eating disorders or other mental illness)

Narrative Therapy Project: Tree of Life

The best CBT worksheets, activities and assignments all in one place

Top 10 CBT Worksheets Websites

How to Build Mental Strength (Even If You’re Overwhelmed) #AmyMorin #resilience #CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How to Build Mental Strength (Even If You’re Overwhelmed)

100 common intervention terms used in documentation.

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Worksheets - Sage Grayson Coaching

Worksheets - Sage Grayson Life Editor

Worksheet for Daily Gratitude

Worksheets - Sage Grayson Life Editor

Reflections on Art Therapy, Trauma, and Group Work | creativity in motion

Reflections on Art Therapy, Trauma, & Group Work

What's On Your Mind?

What's On Your Mind?

Affirmation bracelets- kids art therapy group (7-10y/o boys and girls). Typed and printed words as well as stamped words.

Alma Stoller: how to make a paper bracelet

How to Use YouTube for Mental Health Educational Group #organic health #health guide #health food #healthy eating|

Using YouTube Videos in Mental Health Educational Groups

When I first started facilitating process groups with adolescents I knew I needed to create activities to engage their attention. I often try to find an introduction activity that leads to further ...

Ball of String Group Activity

Recovery coping skills

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Prayer rock poem. Kid version. Good idea for a gift.........i am putting in their easter basket this year

Prayer Rock Poem

Pay attention, Please! I LOVE this. It's a great reminder on those days when the kids are acting like impacted wisdom teeth and teachers need to "drop back and punt." Thank you #anethicalisland

Pay attention, please…

brain breaks, could be used for adults too. may put this in my planner - anything to stay focused!

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