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Grab and Go Binder contains: birth certificates, passports, marriage license, baptism/confirmation records, ss cards, school records and diplomas. Vaccination records (if you do those). Vehicle ownership, cc statement, insurance policy #. Checking saving statement, retirement statement, lease. Important phone numbers and address.

Build your Grab and Go Binder | Apartment Prepper

The Survivors Bug Out Bag List If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re familiar with the term bug out bag. You probably even have one of your own. Maybe you got some ideas for its contents from one of the plethora of lists already available on the Inter-web. But hopefully you didn’t follow it to a tee, because there is no such thing as a perfect, universal bug-out-bag.

The Survivors Bug Out Bag List

Top 10 Items for your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Top 10 Items for your Emergency Preparedness Kit - TopTenREVIEWS

How to Create a Grab and Go Bag with a 72 Hour Kit {Family Emergency Preparedness Series} @

Creating a Grab and Go 72 Hour Kit - A Virtuous Woman

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72 Hour Survival Kit

Includes a list of an emergency car kit, baby emergency kit, first aid kit, and a survival kit for multiple people for 72 hours.

72 Hour Survival Kit

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Emergency 72 Hour Family Packs

Great list of items needed in a serious 72 hour kit. You can download the entire list free.

Emergency 72 Hour Family Packs

Are you prepared for a real disaster? Here's a plan. For your survival kit, use a portable container such as a large, covered trash receptacle. If you store your liquids at the bottom of your container, you’ll reduce the chance of damage from leaking plastic bottles. Put food, first aid kit & clothes on top. Easy to grab & go if needed.

Are you prepared for a real disaster? Here's a plan


72-Hour Emergency Kits

72-Hour Emergency Kits...what to pack and why to pack it. This is a great list!!

72-Hour Emergency Kits | Lauren's Latest

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“If I Had To, I Would Eat It…”

72 Hour Survival Kits: The Reason Why You Would NOT Eat Just Anything, Even In An Emergency Like any good mom, I have a 72 Hour Survival Kit for each member of my family, which I typically update every Spring with fresh food. Last spring I felt I was “too busy” and skimped on this, only …

"If I Had To, I Would Eat It..." - Prepared Housewives