Pin now, practice later! 5 Yoga poses for beginners. Plus, come chat on the forum!

5 Poses for Total Beginners

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Arm Toning Workout

Arm Toning Workout--simple dumbbell exercises that can be done at home or at the gym

Tone the Inner Thighs With These 5 Must-Do Moves

Tone the Inner Thighs With These 5 Must-Do Moves

Patterned leggings, micro miniskirts, and pastel skinny jeans — no matter what you're wearing, toned inner thighs will help you rock your look. Watch this video to learn five simple moves to keep this often-overlooked area strong and trim.

5 ways to improve your running stamina

5 Tips to Help You Really Go the Distance When It Comes to Running

Lazy Girl's Inner-Thigh Workout, and It's Pilates

Video showing Pilates moves you can do on the floor to work your inner thighs. I don't think i would ever be able to do this, but at least i get a good giggle from the girl in pink!


Boho Gems

Toned and beautiful! Today we are doing squats, squat pulses, squat holds, and inner leg lifts! Will you do this with me? by patrica

toned arms

These 27 Workout Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape This Summer

Tone your arms in 7 days with these easy workouts. Tone your arms in 7 days with these easy workouts.

Five  Ways to Improve Your Posture

Five Ways To Improve Your Posture

If you are anything like me, you may have noticed that winter is taking it’s toll.

If you spend any time staring at a smart phone, tablet, computer or craning your neck to see over the steering wheel, chances are tension has been building in your upper back and neck. Yoga and

5 Simple Tension-Taming Stretches To Open Your Shoulders & Neck