65 years of memories

Nothing But Bonfires : Sixty Years Of Memories Use this idea as a birthday gift. Request family members and friends to send Memories of the loved one. Place each memory in a separate envelope and then present to the bday person.

throw someone a surprise party

Bucket list: throw someone a surprise party. This I've done! I threw my husband a surprise party for his birthday :)

Over the Hill

Older Than Dirt Jar {free printable} ~ These jars are perfect gifts for a milestone birthday! Fill them with actual dirt, or crushed up Oreos for an edible treat. You can print out the matching gift tag for free as well.

Great idea for any age "over the hill"

Birthday Gag Gift - 40 (or, etc) SUCKS! Haha wish I would've thought of this last year for my Mother in Law's ;-) by kara easly

Beautiful party for "over the hill"

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas For Adults 2016 : Adult Birthday Party Decorations at Home Birthday Decoration Ideas 24 Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas