We all do it. Don't lie......not me....I leave it on and cry.  :(

This commercial is so sad I cannot watch and I do exactly that have to change the channel every time! I wish people weren't jerks to animals!

Heath Ledger

I didn’t realise what beautiful sexy feet and toes Heath Ledger had. A handsome face too.P Heath Ledger, so tragic :-/ x

This truly is the way of the world.  How sad.

Sorry you think it’s intolerant of me to not tolerate your intolerance. Via someecards


Exactly the way I feel every time I think of my dad. It's the worst feeling I have ever felt. Even when I think of something funny or something nice I still feel this way.

Relationship Fight Quotes

Making Your Close Relationship Closer

Good point - Quote for ANY type of relationship. Friendship, Relationships, Marriage, even Family.

Lady Di

People: September Diana’s Death After Princess Diana’s accidental death in August Diana’s image appeared a record breaking 52 times on magazine covers.

Life is too short to waste time doing something that doesn't feel right.

She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails ~ Elizabeth Edwards. Love this!

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