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“A tall piece looks great hanging above the mantel—the taller it is, the more it will draw your eye up, so you can appreciate the scale of the room. But that doesn’t mean that you should hang a small picture up high. Whatever composition you’re creating has to hold together. A painting shouldn’t break away so much that it doesn’t relate to the mantel shelf.”

Alexa Hampton’s Tips on How to Style a Mantel | Architectural Digest


Ballet Dancer Canvas Wall Art

Dress up a bare wall with the Sweet Ballerina - Brunette Canvas Wall Art from Oopsy Daisy. Your tiny dancer will love having this adorable canvas hanging in her room!

Sweet Ballerina - Brunette Canvas Wall Art

Manula Do Rasista as seen : Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky.Venice at night....khm;)...can someone show CONSTANTINOVNA tha way back to home FADO artefacts,please .....;) ??? Illiteracy seems to get active on her pubic hair growing from the head,what a stinch...Rofessura ! A-ha-ha :)))

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You, the artist, have to develop to the point where your eccentricity blossoms. My advice is, "Don't let anybody tell you what or how to paint." Don't let others limit you because they can't imagine doing it themselves. People who judge you don't matter… and people who matter don't judge you. Do everything to support your own dream. ~Robert Burridge

Robert Burridge Studio • Landscapes


To Pastures New

To Pastures New Print - by Sir James Guthrie This hung in my parent's kitchen for years. I love it.

To Pastures New Art Print by Sir James Guthrie at

The Dance Class - Edgar Degas. Thank you to however bombed the art board with degas!!!

The Dance Class - Edgar Degas -

The Ironer - Pablo Picasso. When I saw this painting, I couldn't help put stare at it for at least 20 minutes. The emotions, the fatigue of the subject is palpable and so moving.

The ironer - Pablo Picasso -

Bleaqfrom Bleaq

Dark photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano

This is an interesting mix between a photo of a face and dripping water on a wall. The face blends beautifully in with the drippings. The smudges on the face add the final touches the face needed to match.

Dark photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano - Bleaq