{ I pointed this out to my friend Jessica by comparing book 1 and book 14 cover's of Sebastian. } Glad im not the only one who noticed how sebastian has changed!

Burton-esque Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive in Tim Burton style- 2 of my favorite things. It fits so well because Burton's style is like Ciel's personality.

Snake, Ciel, Sebastian. Black Butler

Snack, Ciel, and Sebastian - Black Butler <<<umm I think it's supposed to be snake not snack XD<<<Snake is one of my facorite characters in Kuroshitsuji.

<3 Aw. Try not so say Aw. Its impossible not to.

Read Hehehehehe from the story Black Butler Crack by _-Mysterious-_ (Mystique~) with reads. Ciel: *blushes and mumbles* Its big.