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Hahaha, yes, like good wine!! Mh mh mh!! Ichigo grew up to become a smexy beast!!...literally!lol

Hahaha, yes, like good wine! Ichigo grew up to become a smexy beast!lol<<<<< Ichigo in Japanese means strawberry, when I found this out I laughed really loud.

Ichigo rekt

As a big fan of Naruto and Bleach I love this pic. Although naruto and ichigo should be the ones up front lol

She looks beautiful •_• just a pin #anime

Anime picture with original lp long hair single tall image looking at viewer breasts simple background white fringe bare shoulders purple hair large breasts aqua eyes cleavage collarbone eyebrows wide sleeves leaning payot

And this genius who came up with the name for this toy.

Some people just can& handle that much responsibility. H/T _youhadonejob.