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a green leather book with a star on it
Studio Light Embossing Die Cut Stencil Art By Marlene 5.0 nr.04
Album van art by Marlene gemaakt door Elise
a card with some flowers on it
Vandaag heeft Thea deze mooie kaart gemaakt met een stencil van StudioLight
an art piece with flowers on it and words written in the bottom right hand corner
Mariken is met de prachtige stempels van rubber dance aan de slag gegaan.
Dolls, Vintage, Black White, Mini Albums, Paper Dolls, Paper, Tim Holtz, Mini
Anneke heeft deze gave tag gemaakt met oa de geweldige paper dolls van Tim Holtz
a card with an inspirational quote on it
a card with the words enjoy the little things written on it and an artistic design
Super gave kaart van Anneke met diverse producten van Pronty
'Pronty - Stempels op merk - Stempels - Stempelen/ Mixed Media'
an open notebook with drawings on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pen
Super gave dubbele pagina met de nieuwe artikelen van art by Marlene 5.0
an art journal with some pictures and words on the pages, including two people holding children
Gave pagina van Elise in haar zelf gemaakte album van studiolight.
some panda bear stamps are on a wooden plate
Dit prachtige kaartje heeft Mieke gemaakt met de schattige panda palls van MFT
a card and some crafting supplies on a wooden tray
My Favorite Things stamps Panda Pals
Deze lieve creatie met de panda pals is gemaakt door Mieke. Zij gebruikte hiervoor oa copics, distress oxide en perfect colouring paper #Hobbycompleetdeduif #myfavoritethings #copics #distressoxide #perfectcolouringpaper
some stamps and markers are laying on top of a piece of paper with pandas
Wip #hobbycompleetdeduif #myfavoritethings
a card with some flowers on it and a red ribbon around the bottom of it
#Hobbycompleetdeduif #KarinJoan blooming collection #StudioLight
two cards with designs on them sitting next to each other
Made by Mariken #Hobbycompleetdeduif #StudioLight #artbymarlene
some watercolors are sitting on top of a table next to an open notebook
#Hobbycompleetdeduif #Art by Marlene 4.0
a card with two birds on the grass and hearts in the sky above it that says sending love to my stud puffin
springcard with the newest release #hobbycompleetdeduif #lawnfawn