Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater -- great imaginary playtime fun!

How to Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater

Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater EASY shadow puppets -- great for when the power goes out! What are your favorite open-ended play ideas for the kids? the-parent-water-cooler

Paper plate circle weaving.

Paper plate weaving to take home. Awesome use of the heavier type paper plates. They are strong enough to become a working frame for a Thanksgiving art piece to take home after completing the weaving activity.

Clay Opera

Clay Opera

Cute & quirky ceramics by Marta Turowska from Clay Opera. Available on Etsy & Anthropologie.

Figure to Abstraction Workshop - Godshill Primary. This is so brilliant!

Create abstract art by tracing kids bodies (overlapping one another) and coloring in blocked off shapes.--- This is a lovely idea for a September art class, or for one at the end of the year.

DIY Paper Puppets

These are fun hand puppets to make. You can tell the story and then get kids to decorate them however they like after

printable animal cards so kids can draw surroundings, play with scale

Surrealism Collage Project- Animal line art template--each kid gets a sheet, then they draw in the surroundings for the animal.

Blog | Karen Barbé | Textileria: Creative mending – Part 2: Patches  So awesome, weave small patches by hand without a loom.

Square Weaving on a round cardboard. All this to make a creative patch, she says. You can tuck under any loose loops as you sew on the patch.

Got Five Minutes of Spare Time? Make a Cute Owl Out of Clay

Clay Owl- Make the cutest Ornament - If you are tired of the kids bringing home lovely, but questionable art projects, then it is time you did something about it. Break out your art supplies because your family is making a barn owl out of clay!