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Jodi Picoult Guest Board

Best-selling author Jodi Picoult pins all her favourite things in her UK tour for LONE WOLF

Jodi Picoult Guest Board

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I may be biased but I could listen to my son sing all day.

It's the smartest funniest new comedy on television right now

I love visiting Scotland because it reminds me of home

I love this because curly hair and humidity are mortal enemies

Films/Cinemas: I love stories in all forms and the last film I saw was The Hunger Games at the Everyman... a great film in great comfort - what more can you want?

Dogs: If everyone had a dog the world would be a better place. We have three dogs and our youngest is a rescue puppy.

Baking: I'm a good cook but I'm a great pastry chef!

Shopping: If there was an Olympic medal for shopping I would be a gold medalist, in terms of both speed and endurance

I have loved musical theatre since I was an actor as a child, and watch my own children at school productions and I now write musicals for kids in my home town to perform, raising money for charity.