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Chalk pastel art frequently asked questions from the type of chalk pastels, the differences, how to add art time and more in day five of Chalk Pastels 101.

Chalk Pastel Art Frequently Asked Questions - Hodgepodge

Use summer to build the habit of art. A few, very simple ideas and suggestions for art. It's time for relaxed art afternoons. Time to simply enjoy.

Use Summer to Build the Habit of Art - Hodgepodge

Homeschool Second Grade: Curriculum Choices 2013-2014 - the three Rs, extracurricular and more!

Homeschool Second Grade: Curriculum Choices 2013-2014 - Hodgepodge

A list and some tips for the college dorm checklist so your college student will be prepared for the transition. Includes a fun video of shopping haul!

College Dorm Checklist - Hodgepodge

A video daisy chalk pastel art tutorial for all ages! How to draw a daisy and and dreamy background with just simple supplies.

Daisy Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial - Hodgepodge

Never stop learning as an artist! Lucia Hames shares a trip she took to Italy to learn and explore art. She shares artistic encouragement with you!

You ARE an Artist! Never Stop Learning - Hodgepodge

Simple Strategies for Feeding the Family - slow cooker recipes, batch cooking, freezer cooking and habits for the family table.

Simple Strategies for Feeding the Family - Hodgepodge

IKEA Organization for Girls

IKEA Girls Rooms - Hodgepodge

An updated review of Tapestry of Grace and how this curriculum meets learning styles, offers rich learning on all levels and makes teaching easy for mom!

Tapestry of Grace - An Update - The Curriculum Choice

Best of Homeschool Planning Goal Setting at Hodgepodge - When do you plan for homeschool and how long does it take? weekly homeschool planning meeting, how to plan individual time, afternoon art projects, Tapestry of Grace, plus our free ebook Return of the Routine!

Homeschool Planning at Hodgepodge - Hodgepodge

Summer Games Resources - favorites for learning and fun!

Favorite Summer Games Resources - Hodgepodge

Return of the Routine ebook is a FREE download from Hodgepodge offering six simple and practical steps to success for getting back into a routine.

Return of the Routine ebook - Hodgepodge

More than a dozen years of practical homeschool advice and more than a year’s worth of art lessons – all in one Help for Homeschool bundle package!

Help for Homeschool Bundle - You are an Artist!

10 Parts of Our Homeschool Schedule at Hodgepodge - a must read prior to planning for the homeschool year

Ten Parts of the Hodgepodge Homeschool Schedule - Hodgepodge

Homeschool high school to college - what I've learned from choosing curriculum to transcripts to college visits. And I'm continuing to learn!

Homeschool High School to College - Hodgepodge

An absolutely free Slow Cooker Batch Cooking ebook for you. It is the super supper saver! Save money and avoid the drive through.

Slow Cooker Batch Cooking ebook - Hodgepodge

Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge for preschool through high school while meeting the needs of several learning styles.

Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge - Hodgepodge

Homeschool graduation favorites for cap, gown, ceremonies, senior portraits. All those memory building resources for graduating your homeschooler!

Homeschool Graduation Favorites - Hodgepodge

Look Up! Swimming Shark Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist

Shark Week Art Tutorials - Hodgepodge

Civil War Cannon Chalk Art Tutorial - You ARE an Artist with history and art together!

Civil War Cannon Chalk Art Tutorial - Hodgepodge

Here we are in February and I thought that a painting of cherries, in honor of President George Washington, would be a great way to pass an afternoon! You will need the following pastel colors: bright red, dark red, brown, black, palest pink, spring green (light green) and orange. Cherries are quite easy to draw. Pick up your dark red and make a large, juicy

Cherry Chalk Art Tutorial - Hodgepodge

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of sharing the best of our helpful homeschool habits for multiple ages with a group of homeschool mamas. I promised them that I would put these all in one handy spot. And I have – so you, my readers, can enjoy them too. I have also included the sprinkling of photos and collages from this homeschool week –

6 Simple Sucessful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full - Hodgepodge

Blue jean and duct tape purse tutorial - Three uses for an outgrown pair of blue jeans

Three Uses for an Outgrown Pair of Blue Jeans - Hodgepodge

The Ultimate Guide to Chalk Pastel Art with a huge list of tutorials, how tos, encouragement and the joy of art for all ages.

The Ultimate Guide to Chalk Pastel Art - Hodgepodge

Capture a favorite summer memory with a lightning bug chalk pastel art tutorial because you ARE an artist! A fun summer art project for all ages.

Lightning Bug Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial - Hodgepodge