Musical toys and the kids that love them.
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the toy music band set is in its box and has various items on it's side
Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band, Multi, inch (MS4001)
Hohner 5 Piece Toddler Music Band
three plastic containers stacked on top of each other
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Can't have too many rainsticks! #WestMusic #InspireMyClass Hohner Kids MP-200 8
an image of two toys that look like toothbrushes
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Anything brightly colored that easily produces a sound is a MUST HAVE! #WestMusic #InspireMyClass Hohner Kids MP370 8
an xylon toy is sitting on top of a blue case with yellow handles
Hohner Kids HMX3008B Toddler Glockenspiel
Hohner Kids HMX3008B Glockenspiel
four different colored plastic tubes are stacked on top of each other
Hohner Kids Rainmaker 16 Inch