Fun gifts for white elephants

Queen Latifah shares the best holiday gift ideas for stocking stuffers to steal and swap.

Fun gifts for white elephants

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Sophisticated gift presentation in a stunning black and gold palette.//bow

For your Dr-Who-lovers

  • Michelle Dashner
    Michelle Dashner


  • Kimi Wini
    Kimi Wini


  • Half Hippy
    Half Hippy

    I just watched the first 'Doctor Who' on Netflix, the episode was 'Plastic People' (I think). I noticed there is a huge following for this show. But, I found it odd and didn't understand it. This was the first episode of the season. Is there one 'Dr' that is better than the other? I'd love to watch it, but am not drawn to it like I am 'Firefily' or BBC 'Sherlock Holmes' What am I missing? :(

  • Kimi Wini
    Kimi Wini

    Start at the beginning, don't skip. It gets more intense in the newer four regenerations

  • Half Hippy
    Half Hippy

    ok! I am going to give it another shot! Thanks!! (I think I am watching the series with the 9th Doctor)...I think he was the 'bad guy' from Gone in 60 seconds, (hhmmm)

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For your mid-century loving friends // Pink Flamingo Earrings

  • Cheryl Novak
    Cheryl Novak

    I can't understand why these would be a white elephant gift! LOL!


  • Mini Trini Bistro
    Mini Trini Bistro

    The Queen loves it I love it

For the college students... the pencil that knows just what to say.

  • Audrey Cannon
    Audrey Cannon

    SO cute!

  • King Baptista
    King Baptista

    g baptista yes please.

  • Darderdor smile
    Darderdor smile

    pencil for our child.... I like it...

For those who are on Santa's naughty list - Potty Mouth Soap

Bring on the giggles with Mustache Wine Charms

  • Stephanie willis
    Stephanie willis

    Funny great ideal for some xmas laughs while sitting around the table drinking

  • Carlina Nicole
    Carlina Nicole

    Catalina Duarte Roberts, party idea

  • Maddie Gravert
    Maddie Gravert


  • Sualice Armstrong
    Sualice Armstrong

    Who's Who.

  • Melissa Randall
    Melissa Randall

    Omg i want these

Wouldn't want anyone to get confused...

  • Tammy Allison
    Tammy Allison

    Actually received this for Christmas one year! Lol!

  • Barb Pankowski
    Barb Pankowski

    hilarious gift

  • Olga Vlasova
    Olga Vlasova

    We got those for our teenagers one year. They thought it was funny. A few years in - the towels are still in use. :)

  • Heather  Marie Last-Whipple
    Heather Marie Last-Whipple

    a, no

It never hurts to be prepared... ?

  • Brenda Sherman
    Brenda Sherman

    great during cough season

  • Judy Reno
    Judy Reno

    omg, where can i find these?

  • Rachel Rivera
    Rachel Rivera


  • Cami Webb
    Cami Webb

  • Norma Leticia Flores Jordan
    Norma Leticia Flores Jordan

    I know someone who'd use these....

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Get your thumbs ready! 'Star Wars™ Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling' Book

  • LindaLu Allen
    LindaLu Allen

    Well, my 25 and 28 year old sons are getting these!

  • Mary Stalnaker
    Mary Stalnaker

    That is halarious!

  • Kim Angers
    Kim Angers

    Simply awesome.

  • Christina Jackson
    Christina Jackson

    Yes! "Cool Wife Stocking Stuffer" award, here I come!

  • Angie Hinton
    Angie Hinton

    amy lawhorn this would complete my life.

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Of course everyone wants their house to smell like hershey's. Right?

  • Grandmama Kathryn
    Grandmama Kathryn

    Lets see, it will cure my craving for chocolate or I'll be addicted to chocolate. hmmm I'll take both....oh,, I'm bad.. *Smile*

  • mary martinez
    mary martinez

    I have a chocolate candle , makes you want bake ..

  • Jaime Cates
    Jaime Cates

    this is the best candle! I love it!

  • Christa Mahoney
    Christa Mahoney


  • Crystal Gothe
    Crystal Gothe

    Actually you would want your house to smell like a DIAMOND CANDLES but Hershey will do also

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Because who doesn't want a hedgehog who helps them around the kitchen?

  • Paula Waligorski
    Paula Waligorski

    Great idea

  • Angie Owens
    Angie Owens

    Ruth Moench Arnell you probably want this

  • Diane Wooliever
    Diane Wooliever

    Love it!

  • Joanie Whitehead
    Joanie Whitehead

    so cute!

  • Hannah Bell
    Hannah Bell

    we have a red one, cutest thing, but its crap at grating cheese haha

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For your friends who want to hello with style.

  • eeffat

    Yes! Haha Jenni Simmons

For the ladies who educate!

  • Christina Stutts
    Christina Stutts

    Brianna I agree! As a teacher I think it's adorable when my students bring me stuff! Even if its something school themed!

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B

    I'm a teacher and artist so this would be double perfection!

  • Jodie DeFoe
    Jodie DeFoe

    Well said Brianna! And I love the bracelet, fun!

  • Sharon Schulz O'Neill
    Sharon Schulz O'Neill

    My daughter is a teacher....would to get this for her.

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Who doesn't want Chocolate Bacon Lip Balm?

  • TS Hahn
    TS Hahn

    Really....that's funny!

  • Kristi Small
    Kristi Small

    Oh, my goodness!


    Everything is better with bacon

  • Clair Strut
    Clair Strut

    what a hoot!

  • Honey Franks
    Honey Franks

    I found a similar rayban glasses in and it is so gorgeous and just need $

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Stop monkeying around and infuse your tea the RIGHT way! :D

  • Jodi Ashley
    Jodi Ashley

    I waaaannnnnttttttt

  • Jennie Chapman
    Jennie Chapman

    Love it!!

  • ~Kare~

    OMG gotta have it!

  • Sarah Montemayor-Wiemken
    Sarah Montemayor-Wiemken


  • Misty Brown
    Misty Brown

    I just saw this today at Cost Plus World Market. Cute!

For your musically inclined friends, like me ;) Get 'em a little something to get jazzy with!

  • Tammy Genest
    Tammy Genest

    Dawn Jackson No way!!! How cool!!

  • Samara Leger
    Samara Leger

    Soooooo cool!!

Stop your loved ones from blindly wandering the aisles!

  • Lori Du Verger
    Lori Du Verger

    Love your new show btw!

  • d delong
    d delong

    These are great. The carry them at a local store here called catching fireflies.

  • Chris Fulton
    Chris Fulton

    Use these all the time. It hangs on a board in the kitchen, when you use the last of something check it on the list so it can be picked up on next store run.

  • Jennifer Henninger
    Jennifer Henninger

    Where do I get one

Simson Flat Tire Repair Kit // For those adventurous friends that are on the go all the time.

A book of fortunes without the cookies!

  • Snow White
    Snow White

    While I would love this book, I think I like your idea better, Carrie! :)

  • Zoe

    I have that!

  • Dixie Weaver
    Dixie Weaver

    Just found this on clearance for $1.98 at "Pier I" :)

  • Lisa Purcell
    Lisa Purcell

    I just bought this & love it!

  • Snow White
    Snow White

    Lucky you, Dixie!!

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Cow Talking Bag Clip - For your friends that wanna cut the cals!

For your friends who have plants everywhere... except their ceiling!

  • Samantha

    Uh, while kind of a chic idea, the fundamental nature of plants will work against this idea. Epiphytes would probably work fine for this, but any other plant is going to reverse itself and try to grow back towards the ceiling.

  • Sandra Kujawski
    Sandra Kujawski

    It works for tomatoes why not flowers and plants as well? I'm gonna try it!!!!!!!!

  • SLK More
    SLK More

    You could use vine plants if you could find a way to contain them...

  • Christa Mahoney
    Christa Mahoney


  • Lorraine Montross
    Lorraine Montross

    Want them hanging in my sunroom

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Talking Mustache Keychain

  • Cheyenne Neeley
    Cheyenne Neeley


  • Teresa Tidwell
    Teresa Tidwell

    My tween daughter would love this!!

  • Lene Hein
    Lene Hein

    Love it!!!!

  • Jennifer Henninger
    Jennifer Henninger

    My Best Friend would love this.whetee

  • Hayley Bledsoe
    Hayley Bledsoe

    I have this keychain and he says "well hello there" in a deep (creepy) seductive voice that never fails to make me laugh

You can't forget these essential cooking tips... when you're WEARING them!

  • karina marie
    karina marie

    Dorky! Yet useful

  • Jackie Wilkinson
    Jackie Wilkinson

    Love it. As always looking for those measurements

  • Stephanie Riwitis
    Stephanie Riwitis

    RH cool stuff

  • Kaylene Coleman
    Kaylene Coleman

    I actually bought it on Amazon. It is great. Covers lots and has lots of info.

Where my Jersey ladies at?

  • Sy Welch
    Sy Welch

    973/201 is in the building!

  • Colleen Zieser
    Colleen Zieser


  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    Marlboro in the house!

  • Erica Vega
    Erica Vega

    Love it! Hey, 732!!!!

  • Haven Pruitt
    Haven Pruitt

    were do you get it?

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