Gifts that give back

Actress, entrepreneur and author Soleil Moon Frye handpicks her favorite holiday gifts that help those in need.

Gifts that give back

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Adopt an animal and teach your little ones about giving back. My girls wanted an pet. What better way to teach them about giving.

  • Maureen Palmer
    Maureen Palmer

    For the girls

  • Chiching Inc.
    Chiching Inc.

    this is a wonderful gift, I remember as a kid my grandma gifted each of us a farm animal that had been provided to families in central American countries, I think I got a goat, my brother a cow etc. very nice ideas for gifting when we dont need much, but others and the planet does.

  • DaphDaph

    Adopting an animal is a perfect idea for our SuperME Superheroes! We love it.

These are super cool looking. The purchase of this notebook set donates $7.00 to the cause of the week. Sevenly 3 notebook kit - Sevenly Collection - Brands

  • Sarah Crowley
    Sarah Crowley

    R abnnpb

Stand Up To Cancer | Stand Up To Cancer - | Shop StandUp2Cancer

  • Anthony Feuerstein
    Anthony Feuerstein

    Great cause - support it however you can! : )

My kids love these!

FEED 10 Burlap Tote

"A Sweet Touch Of Hope" stylish lollipop pendant - Created by Simone Smith and inspired by her own battle with Cancer, proceeds from each purchase are donated to the American Cancer Society.

  • HmB

    Its $300 and only $10.00 gets donated?

  • Mark Myrick
    Mark Myrick

    Wow! That don't seem fair! :(

  • Dean'a Banasky
    Dean'a Banasky

    American Red Cross donates like this it's a very sad thing to happen as very little goes to babies like they

Charity Water Store - Profits from the sale of these products help fund Charity Water, whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.

Honest Company Products - The Honest Company donates product, money, time, and effort to addressing critical health & social issues affecting children and families. This year, Honest’s products help nonprofit partner Baby2Baby.

St. Jude Holiday Bullseye® Plush Dog - Target is donating 100% of the retail price of this plush to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital between the months of October through December or a maximum of $750,000.

  • Christa Mahoney
    Christa Mahoney


  • Carolyn Jachens
    Carolyn Jachens

    Love gifts that give back. Great idea...

  • K R
    K R

    Great idea to bad it's sold at Target! Now, that the their credit card system was hacked!

  • Jolene Bender
    Jolene Bender

    A person shouldn't worry that much- just watch your statement! And plus, target accepts cash!

  • Alicia Star
    Alicia Star


Warby Parker Glasses - Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. For every pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker provides a pair to someone in need.

  • In Focus
    In Focus

    Very cool

  • Marilyn Miller
    Marilyn Miller

    Visit the flagship store in SoHo,NYC

Fast & Furious 6 Blu-Ray/DVD - A portion of the proceeds from the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Fast & Furious 6 will be donated to Paul Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide, which helps accelerate relief efforts after natural disasters.

  • Brenda Marie
    Brenda Marie

    We bought this a few days ago. I love tgat proceeds go to charity. .. but the movie itself was MEH. Worth watching... but the stunts were WAY over the top (very unbelievable) and a weak storyline. With that being said... Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are the eye candy that make it worth your while. :-)

  • Jeri

    Rest in sweet peace paul! Merry Christmas in heaven beautiful Paul.

  • Antoinette Taylor
    Antoinette Taylor

    Rest in Peace Paul!

Keihls Limited Edition Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter - 100% of net profits (up to $100,000) will support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to help end childhood hunger in America.

  • Valeri Vendetti
    Valeri Vendetti

    you don't help middle class who is now poor who pay rent work and don't have enough for food..

  • Tom Getty
    Tom Getty

    Yes! How dare they feed the poor hungry children when there are middle class hungry children, who are now poor hungry children....oh wait. Never mind.

Laughing Man Coffee - Founded by Hugh Jackman after he was inspired by a trip to Ethiopia, Laughing Man Worldwide helps entrepreneurs worldwide by providing education, community development and new business development.

  • Pure Romance by Deanne
    Pure Romance by Deanne

    Love Hugh Jackman, Love coffee Love tea, Love Laughing Man

The Giving Keys - Each key features an inspirational message. The Giving Keys employs people who are transitioning out of homelessness.

  • Jeanne Gillis
    Jeanne Gillis

    Such a great idea I give local food bank and toys for tots in our area.. Have met several homeless and former homeless people in our area and it is a sad thing to see. I try to be encouraging and do what I can to help, blankets, food. Thank you for trying to help ones in need.

  • Wendy Storey
    Wendy Storey

    Love that this gives someone purpose. They are beautiful. For those making negative comments about price, what's your time worth? I think the price is great and is giving people a hand up, not a hand out. Love it.

  • Shaeda Moghaddam
    Shaeda Moghaddam

    I love the Giving Key! I have bought them as gifts too to help motivate, inspire, etc. Not only is it an art piece but fun to wear. When questioned about it when I am wearing it, it gives me a chance to tell others about it. Once you've achieved what your key says, you should pass it on to others so that they will be inspired or motivated to help in some way or another.

  • brod Rodriguez
    brod Rodriguez

    Its not nice to use an issue such as homelessness to profit from. Be careful now a days people try to scam you to think they are doing something good when they are really profiting from it.

  • Donna Pollard
    Donna Pollard

    I stamp charms and make necklaces and key chains with them. This is a great idea! I would sell them for half the cost!!! My FB page with a few of my stamped items b/c I just started the page: Unique Blessings by Donna It is a public FB page....message me if you are interested in one of these. In the meantime I will be on the look for old keys....excited for a new idea that I can bless someone with. My son is legitimately going on a Mission Trip in the summer with our church and that is how my page got started. Our Savior's Church in Louisiana. You can call and validate this.

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Face Watch - These watches come in different colors and each color corresponds to a different cause.

  • Jamie

    This is absolutely amazing. DEFINITELY sending this pin to everyone I know!

  • Yvonne Mc Neer-Stowe
    Yvonne Mc Neer-Stowe

    I say them in the mall. I asked how much to the cause and I was told $2.00

  • Michele

    If you go to 1facewatch they can answer your questions. It says 1 white watch feeds 16 children?

  • Yvonne Mc Neer-Stowe
    Yvonne Mc Neer-Stowe

    All I know is the sales representive said a very small amount of the purchase price goes to the charity. What is important is to find out is the % that 1face gives to the charity. I am hoping you are pleased with what you find out. Anything less than 75% is not good in my book.

  • Michele

    Again I went to THE WEBSITE and looked under the Q&A section, to get my answers! This is not face book! It is where you post things you like or love. Whatever the amount it still helps!

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