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love this, halloween make-up, pretty doll makeup for Halloween, heart face makeup. You can use this beautiful makeup for regular party time, by loosing the heart part & go much lighter on the eyebrow.

Seriously dying of laughter! Poor girl.

Glover this is the picture I was talking about! In case you can't read the comments.it says, "This might be inappropriate, but the light on your right knee makes you look like you have a very long penis.


“You don’t have bigger balls than me… Mine had to be put in my chest to avoid chaffing.” strange but funny.


Aids for atheists dealing with religtards: If you could fuck off . over there . that'd be great!

Got your back!

Maybe I think this is funny because I'm an art teacher but this stick figure drawing is quite hilarious!

a reminder for those tough days :: Hold On Print by Kelly Rae Roberts

My sisters gave me this work by Kelly Rae Roberts a couple years ago and I love having it as a reminder for those tough days. print by Kelly Rae Roberts via Luvocracy