bathing beauties, 1924

Bathing Beauties 1924 Found a picture just like this at a antique shop and thought it would looks so cute in a bathroom! -Thsi photo is a pano of some people at the beach in 1924


To dress in a polka dot pattern is a fashion trend that can make quite a statement in style. Wearing polka dots can be fun and bubbly. Here's a few tips on how to wear polka dots successfully.

Corinne West by Jon Boris, 1930

Corinne Michael West - was an Abstract Expressionist woman painter. She was also a poet, actress and writer. Portrait of Michael West (Corinne West), by Jon Boris - 1930 vintage fashions style sweater beret hat looks

F. Scott and Zelda

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald~ Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was the muse of the Jazz Age. Zelda was Scott’s personal inspiration, the model for almost every fictional heroine he created. How beautiful

Lucille Ball

Younger people who remember Lucille Ball as "I Love Lucy" often don't know she was a stunning beauty as a young model and actress.

Evening Gowns by Hartnell 1953

4 gold and white evening gowns by Norman Hartnell from Gold and white were used to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Hartnell also designed Queen Elizabeth's coronation and wedding gowns.

Summer in the city. <3

Hot town, summer in the city...

This pin has no info as to what decade or where this pic was taken. But judging by the dress style, white gloves and purse, I put this in the Classy and elegant.

Models are wearing dresses and triangular capes by Pierre Cardin, photo by Rico Puhlmann, Paris, Stern magazine, March 1962

Models wearing dresses and triangular capes by Pierre Cardin, photo by Rico Puhlmann, Paris, Stern magazine, March 1962

Gabrielle Chanel, Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel in trademark ropes of pearls in a 1935 Man Ray portrait. Coco Chanel advocated what she called 'austere luxury', the essence of chic.

Mr Goodbody... forgot about him!

Remember Slim Goodbody from your childhood? The creepy way to stay fit and healthy? This guy creeped me out. Especially the body suit

Maggie Smith.

Funny pictures about Young Maggie Smith (Harry Potter's Prof. Oh, and cool pics about Young Maggie Smith (Harry Potter's Prof. Also, Young Maggie Smith (Harry Potter's Prof.