would wear this on every date

Vintage style rhinestones and Swarovski Pearls bridal necklace (Silver) - Colette. Vintage style rhinestones and Swarovski Pearls bridal necklace (Silver) - Antique brooch showcased on pearl strand

Cupcake Holder-Set of 2 $4.99. Ummm...awesome!

Cupcake Holder-Set of 2 These clever holders keep cupcakes fresh and frosting intact while in transit-for delicious dessert on the go! Perfect for bagged or boxed lunches


Sterling Silver Custom Fingerprint Heart Pendant ~ Photo shows oxidized prints; On the left is a five year old boy's print, on the right is his mother's. Love this!

i really do...

Good People It’s summertime…well in my mind August and September still count. Summertime is my favorite.


Buy fridge fizz saver soda dispenser coke drinking device soft drink dispenser online from China manufacturer.

Sexy, yes.

Button Down Sweater suit . and the tie clip gentlemen. don't forget the tie clip ? Wear your man. Stylish clothes from: findanswerhere.

wedding band :)

Harry Winston Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Band -- this is literally my perfect engagement ring/wedding band set. i love the thin band omg, this is like mine but I don;t wear a Harry Winston. My engagement ring is a gorgeous

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Magic Tap Drink Dispenser Love this for the kids or for anyone who has a hard time balancing the heavy gallon while pouring milk


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Copco Bag Caps are innovative lids for bagged foods that seal in freshness without having to remove an item from its original packaging. These are a great idea. Needed in my home especially because my kids eat chips a bunch!

52 Kitchen Gadgets you didn't know existed — Kamo

52 Kitchen Gadgets you didn't know existed

Cake Cutter- where has this been all my life! I dont even like cake and I want it!

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AMAZING I love that the band is diamond encrusted however the still Cushion diamond stands out soo much because of its size. I think the Cushion diamond might be a little too big for me though

LOVE. Round diamond, cushion cut halo. Beautiful

What is a cushion cut engagement rings?:Engagement rings are very popular so they don’t need any kind of introduction. We all know that when two people get engaged then they share a ring which is know

halo engagement wedding ring ideas / http://www.deerpearlflowers.com/halo-engagement-rings-wedding-rings/

20 Halo Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Ring ticks pretty much every box.would be perfect if it had a double band though.I am in LOVEEE! Clear Cushion Cut diamond surrounded with a halo of round brilliant diamonds.White gold band encrusted with round brilliant diamonds.

Cushion cut with thin band and thin halo

slay on

LOVE THIS! When girls say they want a 'modest, simple' ring they are lying.This is the perfect ring