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Hair cut; Short, Asymmetrical Combination form ( graduated form, increased layer form), [Activated+unactivated, concave] Color; Platinum blonde Products; Rootlift, wax, finishing spray Maintenance; Frequent trims/restyling, regrowth recoloring. More

Friends don't let friends have dry, frizzy hair. The season of sun is just around the corner, which means more weekend BBQs, poolside get-togethers and last minute happy hours. And with all that socializing going on, your summer hair will especially feel the heat if it isn’t protected from all those hot tools you use. But never fear! These simple tips can protect and revive your heat-treated locks.

Norah Jones with a shaggy longer bob and long bangs. Oh, to look like Norah Jones... <3

Pastel blue and icy white color by @joseph_cuozzo and outstanding pixie by @tonyacuozzo #hotonbeauty