Rose braid-This picture has haunted me for about a year now. But seeing these step my step pics makes it less scary!

Easy but super unique! #hair #hairstyle #howto

Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes


Updo with braided headband. Not a fan of the back but sorta love the hidden braided headband

red waves

Copper Orange Hair: I love that a red head has enhanced her color and then added copper and blondish tones to soften the look so it works with her skin tone. A gorgeous way for a redhead to take the fire down.

"I do this every morning!! Top layer of big rollers for volume. Put them in then warm with just dryer. Spray a light hairspray. Leave in for 10 min to cool."

In the morning put big rollers in the top layer of hair for volume. Leave them in and warm with a blow dryer. Spray on a light hairspray. Leave in for 10 min to cool.

Waterfall, Dutch, French Braid into Braided Bun

double waterfall braids missysue Waterfall, Dutch, French Braid into Braided Bun! A great hairstyle I'll never be able to do.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair |

This was a big thing with the Valentino show. The show was focused around romantic braids. This is just a french braid that starts in the middle of the crown and then wraps around your head in a counter-clockwise rotation.


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