A gold sari like Sudasa would have to wear to her wedding.

Gold thread embroidery sari or saree with blouse and pearl statement necklace.

A fine art deco emerald and diamond ring, circa 1925. Sold for £162,000 © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

A fine art deco emerald and diamond ring, circa 1925 The cut-cornered step-cut emerald, weighing carats, between demi-lune and baguette-cut diamond shoulders, diamonds approximately carats tota

How I imagined Agnimar Cliff (this pic not from India!)

The Massive Bunda Cliffs Drop Over 200 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Jason Edwards

- Southern Ocean (SO). The Bunda Cliffs drop over 200 feet into the Southern Ocean - Southern Australia.

The actor who inspired Kiran.

One of my fave Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor! The man can dance!

This is how he elephant would look (the one Sudasa would have to ride to her wedding).

This majestic elephant has its face accented with face paint. Although, I don't condone the capturing or holding animals in captivity. I consider this picture to be beautiful nonetheless. The colors possibly represent emotions.

This is the jade necklace Sudasa has to put on her winner.

mens jade necklace - bright green jade donut pendant on brown leather cord - unisex jade jewelry - jade pendant - jade pi bead by The Spiral River

Kantha quilt

Boho Indian Quilt Sari Quilt Kantha Quilt by SarisLiving on Etsy Kantha daybed with cushions for cubbyhouse (make with Sienna's mattress)

Ruby drops with a gold sari!

For the Indian bride, the perfect Indian bridal jewelry enhances her looks as much as her make-up does. Makeup or jewelry they certainly seem gorgeous.

This is what Sudasa imagines she will see before she walks down the aisle.

Nashville Tennessee Gold Indian Wedding Reception - 2 - Indian Wedding Site Home - Indian Wedding Site - Indian Wedding Vendors, Clothes, Invitations, and Pictures.

The wall around Koyanagar (yes, this is a picture of the Great Wall of China...that's where I got my inspiration!)

Great Wall, China -- I wanna go here. Not to do something crazy like walk the whole thing but it would be nice to have a picnic on like 30 feet of it.

Theater (with boxes) like in Sudasa's first Test.

Rent out opera house for wedding if phantom if I do a phantom of the opera theme. Image Detail for - Belfast’s Grand Opera House, Northern Ireland

Floral garlands that are exchanged during wedding ceremony.

Ruchika & Mark in Glen Ellen, CA

a traditional indian wedding's varmala ceremony includes an exchange of garlands, Gertrude & Mabel Photography