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Garden Harvest Apron. Made from upcycled tea towels, what a cool idea!

Garden Harvest Apron

Efficient small space garden

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The 5 uses of baking soda in the garden!

Fresh Organic Gardening

The secret to insane planter growth. One ingredient for impressive plants - so easy!

Wednesday Watch List - Update Edition - Life On Virginia Street

Propagating sage and other herbs

Herbs: propagating/RHS Gardening

How to prune tomatoes for the best harvest ever. Love these tips on how to get more yield from your plants.

How to Prune Your Tomato Plants for a Better Harvest

A Guide To Building Raised Gardening Beds

A Guide To Building Raised Gardening Beds

Got limited sun? These 15 vegetables only need 4 hours a day of direct light. Utilize them in those shaded areas of the yard, and leave the sun for the tomatoes. :)

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My fiancé's mother taught me all about this rule when building my pots... It really makes my pots look awesome.

Dwell on Joy: Tips for Beautiful & Balanced Container Gardens

Cottage garden

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Fall Planting Guide

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Kid Friendly Potted Plants with Step-by-Step Instructions

Kid-Friendly Potted Plants - The Realistic Mama

How to Regrow Tomato Plants

How to Regrow Tomato Plants | Michael Nolan's My Earth Garden

A Garden You Water Four Times a Year Gardenista

A Garden You Water Four Times a Year: Gardenista

Multicolored coleus -- shade-friendly, for when we finally do the backyard bed

Three Dogs in a Garden: One Simple Change

Two-pallet potting bench DIY with full directions

Two-Pallet Potting Bench

Here's an easy way to give new life to old terra-cotta pots you have around the shed: Paint them to create coordinating stripes.

Pots of All Stripes

Plant These to Help Save Bees

Grow Theses Plants To Help Save Bees ! | The Homestead Survival

Our Organic Urban Garden: How To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs - The Research (How to get rid of roly-polies)

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12 easy peasy veg to grow in containers - perfect for people who don't have much garden space.

The 12 best vegetable crops to grow in containers - David Domoney

5 Modern Rock Painting Ideas to Try this Summer

Second Sowing - A second planting of vegetables in mid- to late-season.

Vegetable Garden Glossary

Rotate - To change the location each year (usually in a 3- to 4-year cycle) in which a particular vegetable crop is grown, to reduce the threat from soil-borne diseases.

Vegetable Garden Glossary

Paper Collars - Collars of heavy paper that are pushed into the soil around a plant to keep pests at bay. They are removed once the threat of infestation has passed.

Vegetable Garden Glossary

Training Tomatoes; This site has so many gardening tips/tricks!

National Gardening Association