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Illustrator Draws On Her Self-Portraits To Create Fun, Whimsical Images

Happy Birth-yay to me. I felt like I was showered in rainbows today. This image for me, is how it feels to be loved by incredible people. Thank you so much to all the cute boys and girls for making me feel special.

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Breathtaking Surreal Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran

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This is YOUR adventure. Focus on yourself & what is in your power to do. This is a full-time job. Let others worry about their own adventure. #mynakedguru

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Marked Up Photographs Show How Iconic Prints Were Edited in the Darkroom

archatlas: “ The Dying Art of Darkroom Printing The comparison images above show photographer Dennis Stock’s iconic portrait of James Dean in Times Square. The test print on top shows all the work...

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19 Creative, Inspiring and Clever Photo Manipulations