Dora has been asking for this

considering something like this for Boxer. lol awesome dog house idea for people who keep their pets outdoors

Proof that Dora would be cool if I got a goat

Boxer (Dog) says, "Show me where the bullies are!" He Doesn't Like Bullies.

<3 baby boxers <3


What you lookin at? - I want this cute little boxer puppie

Frank Lloyd Wright Doghouse

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Dog House designed for a boy’s black Labrador named Eddie

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Was a Character on South Park Last Night

Dora loves dog art.

Dog Art at Metropolitan Museum and Morgan Library

Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare, 1857 Gustave Courbet (French, Oil on canvas

Dora has smart friends.

I cant believe she kept these on for the pic.

Bad to the bone

bad to the bone studs - emily elizabeth jewelry

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