How are my social Skills? Self-assessment activity. Great activity for kids to grow their interpersonal skills!

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Free printable maps up to 7 feet tall. Formats and prints on multiple pages that you assemble. World, Continent, Country, State, wow!

Walk through the Continents - Print Maps Large and Small - Free

This would be a great board to have up in any type of form in the classroom, so that students will know what is expected of them for them to achieve a good grade and what has to be done in order to achieve this grade.

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: 6th grade art passports

No more ripped, drawn on, annoying, and ugly name tags! I seriously just made a new seating arrangement. PERFECT!

Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls: No More Name Plates

Start this at the beginning of the school year. Great for teaching compassion...

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"Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" informative essay and presentation assignment! Help students enjoy reading by wrapping the books, putting basic descriptions on the outside, and letting them pick based on their interests! Supplemental printables found in my TpT store!

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Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips

If snow came down in colors, How splendid it would be, To make bright, jolly snowmen For everyone to see!

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog

Such a cool motivator for students and a way for staff to show off their own alma maters!

KC School Counselor Chic: Career Day Fun!

Perfect activity for the last day before Christmas break! Have students acknowledge one of their accomplishments from the current year and a goal for the following year!

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Holly Rivers

Fun, contemporary back-to-school lesson! Have your students draw "selfies" and describe their summer via text message prompts. Makes for a great bulletin board display!!

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Host a "Reading Fair" ... similar to a science fair, but focused on literature instead. It's a more creative and artistic alternative to a typical book report format. (Depending on the expectations for the project, this could even be done in the lower primary grades.)

Reading Fair Projects- 2013 Part 2

This flow chart helps you determine if you've plagiarized, and explains the severity of each type of violation.

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FREE sampler of Super Text Detectives: Find the Text Evidence! I love these for introducing my kids to close reading- and my kids have tons of fun coloring their answers!

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Creativity 2.0: Tone and Mood in Literature - Moving Beyond Paragraphs One of the best LA PINS yet.

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By the time students get to middle school, or even high school, they usually know the names of figurative language techniques. However, they still need to practice identifying and explaining them in use. These FREE worksheets will help facilitate that process.

3 FREE Figurative Language Worksheets

Cute card idea for every Thanksgiving. Send home a note telling each child why we are thankful for them. This is sweet.

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Something to try.

Book Report- Build a Turkey

Have your middle grade reader choose their next book with this fun flow chart! #reading #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #Books #middlegrade #summerreading #kidlit

Books for Your Middle Grade Reader

Fountas and Pinnell levels tied to common core and RTI....I was looking for some ideas for explaining book levels to parents, and here it is!

Hello Literacy: Progress Monitoring vs. monitoring progress

We had a "Grinch Day" and we got to make our very own Grinch! My student's LOVED it. Thank you Glyph Girls for such a FABULOUS idea!

Valerie King Inspired: Grinch Day in the Classroom

Teaching nonfiction text features using a "scavenger hunt"-style game keeps it engaging and encourages students to think of how and what the text feature teaches them.

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how a struggling reader's brain works differently {infographic}

We Are Teachers

FREEBIE: "I am thankful for..." {from Melonheadz}

Thankful freebie by Melonheadz

Fun activity to help students see examples of how context clues appear IN context!

Fearless in 5th: Author's Purpose, Context Clues, oh my!