I N S P I R E ☽ M E: People. Art. Words. Colors.

I N S P I R E ☽ M E: People. Art. Words. Colors.

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LOGIFACES | analogue game for digital minds. This set of 16 hand-poured concrete prisms can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms.

LOGIFACES | analogue game for digital minds


Snapguide app & website. A place for makers. Discover and create how-to guides on all your favorite topics.

Snapguide - The Best DIY How to Guides


How Oprah Reminded Me of the Power of Presence | Kris Carr

How Oprah Reminded Me of the Power of Presence | Kris Carr


BuyPartisan App: "I am completely blown away by this app. No matter what your political affiliation is (if any), the fact that this app will let you scan the bar code of ANY product and can immediately tell you about that company, their donation behavior, how they pay their employees and what PACs they belong to is pretty amazing. For all of you who have been asking for more information on the people behind the stores we all shop at and support, this is a fascinating tool..." via #designsponge

11 App Obsessions | Design*Sponge


judy paul

Welcome to Judy Paul's Studio


The Marfa Lights have baffled scientists since the first recorded sighting in 1883. Visible only on clear nights, the weird yellowish-green orbs float, bounce around, and vanish then reappear over the Mitchell Flats, just outside of Marfa, Texas. Explanations range from the mundane (mirages, car taillights) to the otherworldly (alien spacecrafts, displaced souls), but the fun of these inexplicable lights is certainly in the mystery.

10 Weirdest Sites To See In America (PHOTOS, POLL)


Trans-Pecos Festival | El Cosmico | Marfa, TX

Trans-Pecos Festival | El Cosmico | Marfa, TX


Spoak is an app that makes it easy to tell your life stories. Audio paired with photos, and shared with loved ones, makes collaborative mementos. Sign up at: spoakapp.com #family #history #ancestors #memory #app #audio #stories

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The Floyd Leg. Find a tabletop (or old door) and throw the legs on. Reclaim it!

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Cotton + Steel. Five Badass Women of the Cloth Stitch Together New Success in an Old Tradition. Story by Dana Hazels Seith • Photography by Gregory Miller. via THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

Cotton and Steel


Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you by teenytinytantrums

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The Indescribably Delightful game "Monument Valley". Absolutely stunning. My respect to the makers, USTWO.

The Indescribably Delightful "Monument Valley"


"Conscious Capitalism" by visionary leader John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods

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Watermelon Dessert Plate - anthropologie.com

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One artist + two mannequins + 14 years = A work of art. Woman Travels For 14 Years With Mannequin Family To Prove She Doesn’t Need To Get Married.

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Your Awakening Rx from Ann Marie Chiasson, MD: 1. Reverent self-exploration; 2. meditation; 3. movement; 4. look at shadow (the things we think are "terrible" and how they serve) by diving underneath thought form with help from a teacher.

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David Byrne - Breaking Up With the Internet. A Thought Experiment: What If We Broke the Internet? A Wasteland: What If the Web As We Know It Didn’t Exist? A Utopia: What Would a Revised Internet Look Like? Is there a will to change?

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Addicted to Likes: How Social Media Feeds Our Neediness - The Cut

Addicted to Likes: How Social Media Feeds Our Neediness


Dr. Habib Sadeghi on Emotional Erosion, and why the classic "The Grapes of Wrath" was the most important book he read in medical school.

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"Thoughtphographs" polaroids via 1965

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Austin Kleon, the force behind 'Steal Like an Artist' and 'Newspaper Blackout' kicked off the very first Austin event in April @ #creativemornings. I saw him speak at #HOWlive 2013 and he is great! Very funny. He delves into authenticity online, time, creativity and how to share. Check it out!

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Are You Addicted To Busyness? How many times have you heard variations on this conversation? Person A: How’s it going? Person B: I’m insanely busy. You know, the usual. Person A: Yeah, me too. I’m scheduling into 2015 already. Person B: I get it. Haven’t taken a real vacation in over a year. Person A: Well, gotta count our blessings for being busy, right? Person B: Amen.

Are You Addicted To Busyness?


Protected bike lane benefits, in one page - Transitized

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Mapkins: Lemondrop Style (Set of 4). Inspired by a Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Beautiful lemon color mixed with cobalt blue, orange and gray make these napkins the perfect gift for your fashion forward friends.

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