Gift Ideas for People Who Are Moving

A collection of gift ideas for people who are moving.

Gift Ideas for People Who Are Moving

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How to Create an Awesome House Warming Gift

how to: be a great house guest - these work for housewarming gifts too!

From the Heart: 5 Colorful, DIY Housewarming Gifts

Such a cute Christmas gift idea for a sister, mom, or a friend that is long distance. This one is Los Angeles, California and Louisiana, but any two cities and states will work. Love this map with the heart! For Jenna, Michigan and Ohio with a heart attaching them!

Donuts: Something sweet to start your move... Gas Gift Card: A little something to get you going... Red Bull: Something to keep you awake on the long drive Candy: Something sweet for the drive Champagne: Some bubbly to celebrate a successful move!

Moving Away gift - address book, blank post cards, and stamps!

moving away gift - frame a map of their hometown

37 Different Gifts in a Jar; For almost any occasion. (#5!)

These would make fun gifts for someone moving...

I do have a few friends who are moving...