This birdhouse is quite simple which means it will be quite simple to make it also seems to be made out of an old plant pot but I feel like the bird house hole is a bit to small.

6 Sensational Up-cycled Birdhouses

This birdhouse is quite simple which means it will be quite simple to make it also seems to be made out of an old plant pot but I feel like the bird house hole is a bit to small.

When looking at this house I noticed those window suction cups which i feel like could open more ideas on where to put the bird house.Also this bird house is simple which will make it easy to make but still contain its uniqueness with the window suction cups.

Awesome DIY Bird Houses for A Garden

How exceiting to be able to watch birds build their nest and hatch their babies right from my own window. Love the simple yet sturdy construction. The natural wood can be left as is, or…

like some of the other bird house designs this one it mad out of recycled this but what makes this one interesting is the bottom of the pots since it could be away to keep water levels from rising and could also make a small bird bath for the birds as well.

It's All About The Birds!(Birdhouses, Baths and Feeders in Our Garden)

Spring Blooms & Double Decker Birdhouse (Garden of Len & Barb Rosen) Terra Cotta pots turned upside down and glued to terra cotta trays, cute idea!

The bird house material is quite interesting because it is made out of recycled old stuff which makes it have a vintage look but i feel like the hole could let in a lot of water since it does not have a cover over the hole.

Junk inspired coffee can / funnel birdhouse. What a cute idea! Now I just need to find some old metal coffee cans:)

I find this quite a unique bird house because of how it uses the cans to make the home for the birds and also since their are multiple in maybe could nest a few bird families.But since the roof is quite small so if there is rain which has a bit of wind it could get into the cans.

Awesome DIY Bird Houses for A Garden

this bird house looks quite simplistic but also has a unique roof since it is a bit sloped so that water wont be able to stay on the bird house. This bird house also has a cool shape to it as well.

Primitive Style Pine Wren Bird House by woodcliffcreations - What a clever design and position for the next.

this bird house is a very nice looking one although it might take a while to reach a level of quality like this bird house since it seems like it has a lot of work put into it.But this bird house seems pretty strong and looks like it can protect from a lot if things

Blue birdhouse with rustic roof & applied letter & numbers.

This bird house seems like it would take a long time to make since the you would have to paint it and such but it seems like it can hold at least 9 birds from what i can see and each one kind of has a circle roof so it can keep water away which seems very effective.

great way to recycle old cans! Cans & scrap wood recycled to make a birdhouse that looks like a traffic light / via Brake for the Birds

This bird house in my opinion looks very nice especially the white parts which look quite nicely polished but I feel like with the level of polish it has it might take a while to make with how sanded  the parts look. One more thing I noticed is that the way it is being held might be a good idea since it could be quite versatile.

I love bird houses! Yes, Bird Houses! for the birds bird house birdhouse

This bird house is probably the most easiest one to make i have seen because it is just made of old recycle stuff giving it a cool kind of vintage look.It also seems to have a roof that can protect from strong temperature

Galvanized Can Metal Repurposed Primitive Birdhouse 12" BIRD HOUSE Gas Can

Galvanized Metal Repurposed Birdhouse - Flip an old metal jug on its side, toss the top and add a fluted metal roof. It’s a low maint.