There's something so compelling about cemetery sculptures with nature encroaching.

Art Nouveau Statue, 'Love In A Rose', Viena, Austria. Photo by onkel_wart (Thomas Lieser) on September 20008 via Flkr

Click here to DIY this metal looking (but not) vintage Crown.  Blog with all instructions and photos from

Make A Vintage Crown. Make A Vintage Crown. We can make our own out of crocheted lace (or any kind, really), which you can find in thrift stores and tag sales, as trim on old table cloths, pillows and other linens.

Artodyssey: Cathy Rose - sculpture - folk art - assemblage

brown - woman with wings - sculpture - folk art - assemblage - Cathy Rose

Marika Baumler

Grey Raku - Marika Baumler "Grijze Raku" h 30 cm. This gorgeous sculpture is my favorite pin on my board: Sculpture and Other art.

"Tin Can Art" Earth Shrine with found objects (A.K.A treasures)

"Tin Can Art" Earth Shrine with found objects (A.A treasures) cocoa tin

Anselm Kiefer, The Hierarchy of the Angels

Anselm Kiefer The Hierarchy of the Angels (Die Ordnung der Engel), 2000 Oil, emulsion, shellac, and linen clothes on canvas 950 x 510 cm Collection of the artist

flooring an bedframe puhleese

House Call: Whitecross Farm