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Get your garden growing with these simple tips and party how-tos. We have recipes, too, for the herbs and veggies you grew yourself!

Garden Club

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Early spring is the perfect time to plant everything good and green - peas, spinach, and salad greens. And don't forget radishes and beets and other root vegetables. Follow Martha Stewart's planting tips on the pages of The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Growing Spring Vegetables | Garden Club

Before you plant those pansies in your flower bed, crack (very carefully!) a few eggs, fill with a spoonful of soil, a single flower, and a few drops of water for a pretty spring centerpiece. Check out StoneGable's super-easy instructions for Pansies In Eggshell Pots. || Stone Gable

Pansies In Eggshell Pots

Frugal gardeners always have a half pack or so of seeds from last year (or before). How long do seeds really last? Linda Ly of Garden Betty sheds some light on the subject and includes a cheat sheet on seed storage life. || Linda Ly

How Long Do Seeds Really Last? (Plus, a Cheat Sheet on Seed Storage Life)

Ideal for beginning gardeners, Miracle-Gro Groables take the guesswork out of gardening. The pod places the seed at the proper depth and provides growing medium and nutrition for healthy plants. Check out the enthusiastic customer comments about the tomato pods.

Miracle-Gro Groables Globe Tomato Seed Pod-140031 - The Home Depot

Hosta are the ideal foundation plants for a shade garden. Their variations in color and texture play well with companions like heuchera and hardy ferns. Read more on hosta and friends at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Perfect Companion Plants for Hostas | Garden Club

Primrose, pansies and alyssum are just a few of the cold-tolerant early spring flowers making their appearance in Home Depot stores and gardens. Join Pam of House of Hawthornes on a virtual tour of the first flowers of spring. || Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Early Spring Flowers That Can Take The Chill - House of Hawthornes

Spring snow can be a design tool, as Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening attests. Just use it to design your garden. || Kathy Purdy

Make That Lingering Snow Earn Its Keep

Learn how to make this combination wall planter and address plaque. Seasonal plantings will add a little color to your front porch and enhance your home's curb appeal. It's a fun DIY project, too. We have the tutorial on The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Custom Address Plaque with Hanging Wall Planter | Garden Club

A paver path visually frames the garden and directs the flow of traffic. Follow our video instructions, grab your garden gloves and tools, and in less than a day, you will have a new paver path.

  • Jenny Reid Johnson
    Jenny Reid Johnson

    Get different walking stones.

  • Jenny Reid Johnson
    Jenny Reid Johnson

    Planning to do a walkway like this. Mine is smaller front and back

Bring your creativity and green thumb front and center by freshening up your front porch. We have suggestions on how you can do that in simple and inexpensive ways on The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Freshen Up Your Front Porch | Garden Club

Prepare your porch for warmer weather by picking a patio set suited to fit your needs. The Home Depot's Garden Club has advice on how to pick the right patio set for you. (Shown: The Vineyard Collection by Brown Jordan

  • The Home Depot
    The Home Depot

    Glad you like it! Stephanie

  • Stephanie

    My husband and I actually looked at this set at Home Depot and once we sat down we didn't want to get up. It's really comfortable!

Build a sturdy enclosure in your yard to protect your delicate garden from pests. We have the step-by-step tutorial on The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Build an Enclosure to Protect Your Garden | Garden Club
  • The Home Depot
    The Home Depot

    It's pretty cool, eh? Pick up the materials, ice up a cooler of your favorite refreshing beverages... and invite a bunch of your friends to a "garden enclosure building party". Kym Si

  • Kym Si
    Kym Si

    I need this, anyone want to come to Vegas & help me build it?

Mulch in the landscape conserves moisture, deters weed growth, improves soil health. The Home Depot makes it easy to calculate the amount of mulch you need with our mulch and topsoil calculator. Learn more at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

What Type of Mulch is Right for You? | Garden Club

We love these Kimberly Queen ferns displayed in an over-sized urn. That's just one lovely feature in this yard seen on Savvy Southern Style. It gets us in the mood for spring planting! || Savvy Southern Style

What I Love About Spring

Gardening is about sharing, and hosting or visiting a seed swap is a perfect way to expand your knowledge of plants. Check out tips for hosting and getting the most out of a seed swap on Seasonal Wisdom.

How to Host a Seed Swap

To get vibrant rose blooms like these this summer, prune in the very early spring, according to Oklahoma gardener Dee Nash. A detailed pruning tutorial can be found at her blog, Red Dirt Ramblings. || Dee Nash

Time to Prune Roses - Red Dirt Ramblings®

Spice up your cooking with fresh herbs from a windowsill herb garden. Add a handful of oregano to marinara, finish off your homemade pizza pie with a shower of shredded basil, chop cilantro for your secret recipe salsa.

Ferry-Morse Grow Flavor Windowsill Herb Garden Kit-8903 - The Home Depot

Create the ideal environment for plants and flowers to grow healthy, regardless of the amount of sunlight or outdoor temperature. Suitable for apartment balconies, small patios or wherever garden space is limited.

Leisure Season 1 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. Cypress Mini Greenhouse-MG6116 - The Home Depot

You may talk to your houseplants while you care for them, but did you know that if you pay close attention, you can understand what your plants are telling you? Learn how to help them flourish by translating your houseplants’ signals. Click through to The Home Depot's Garden Club.

How to Read Your Houseplants | Garden Club

Garden tools allow you to take on heavy and difficult tasks with relative ease, but exposure to the elements can corrode them. Protect your investment by following our Garden Club guidelines.

Tips to Keep Your Tools in Shape | Garden Club

This highly versatile cart makes doing yard work easier. It instantly converts from a wheelbarrow to a dolly, and much more. The patented design adjusts the center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load.

Worx 4 cu. ft. AeroCart-WG050 - The Home Depot
  • Eve Marshall
    Eve Marshall

    A must for me this year

Acclaimed landscape designer and best-selling author Rebecca Sweet (Rebecca Sweet) offers simple strategies for transforming established plots and empty spaces into the garden of your dreams. Start by identifying problems with your current plantings (such as clashing colors, lack of flow and "one-of-each-it is"), then learn how to inject new life using artful combinations of color, texture and form. One of the best gardening design guides you'll find.

Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture and Form-9781440330407 - The Home Depot

Layering fragrance, with color, texture and form, creates a garden tapestry, according to Northern California designer Rebecca Sweet. Her Zone 9 garden is fragrant in February with evergreens such as daphne, sweet olive, night phlox, sweet box and chamelauciam. || Rebecca Sweet | Harmony in the Garden

Scent in my late winter garden - my favorite top 5

These staggeringly beautiful bleeding heart blooms from Jennifer at Three Dogs in a Garden will have your heart beating faster and longing for spring. Take a garden tour and learn more about these sanguine selections. || Three Dogs in a Garden - Gardening

Three Dogs in a Garden: A Spring Valentine
  • Susana Garcia
    Susana Garcia

    Muy buenas

  • Carol Diaz-Sterling
    Carol Diaz-Sterling

    OMGOSH! So beautiful! I want that in my yard.

Pair the Viagrow Plastic Potato Planter Raised Bed with a pack of seed potatoes, and in a few months you'll harvest home-grown spuds. This potato planter features a drainage hole and a Velcro door to check progress on the spuds.

Viagrow 20 in. Plastic Potato Planter Raised Bed (2-Pack)-V30910 - The Home Depot