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Get your garden growing with these simple tips, inspiration, and party how-tos.

Garden Club

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Create the ideal environment for plants and flowers to grow healthy, regardless of the amount of sunlight or outdoor temperature. Suitable for apartment balconies, small patios or wherever garden space is limited.

Leisure Season 1 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. Cypress Mini Greenhouse-MG6116 - The Home Depot

Even in the last weeks of winter, you can still garden indoors, growing a windowsill of green. Rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme, lemongrass and mint are the easiest herbs to grow in a sunny window. And when the weather warms up, you can take move them outside for another season of goodness.

Add Flavor to Winter Dishes with Homegrown Herbs | Garden Club

You may talk to your houseplants while you care for them, but did you know that if you pay close attention, you can understand what your plants are telling you? Learn how to help them flourish by translating your houseplants’ signals. Click through to The Home Depot's Garden Club.

How to Read Your Houseplants | Garden Club

Garden tools allow you to take on heavy and difficult tasks with relative ease, but exposure to the elements can corrode them. Protect your investment by following our Garden Club guidelines.

Tips to Keep Your Tools in Shape | Garden Club

This highly versatile cart makes doing yard work easier. It instantly converts from a wheelbarrow to a dolly, and much more. The patented design adjusts the center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load.

Worx 4 cu. ft. AeroCart-WG050 - The Home Depot
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    Eve Marshall

    A must for me this year

Acclaimed landscape designer and best-selling author Rebecca Sweet (Rebecca Sweet) offers simple strategies for transforming established plots and empty spaces into the garden of your dreams. Start by identifying problems with your current plantings (such as clashing colors, lack of flow and "one-of-each-it is"), then learn how to inject new life using artful combinations of color, texture and form. One of the best gardening design guides you'll find.

Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture and Form-9781440330407 - The Home Depot

Layering fragrance, with color, texture and form, creates a garden tapestry, according to Northern California designer Rebecca Sweet. Her Zone 9 garden is fragrant in February with evergreens such as daphne, sweet olive, night phlox, sweet box and chamelauciam. || Rebecca Sweet | Harmony in the Garden

Scent in my late winter garden - my favorite top 5

These staggeringly beautiful bleeding heart blooms from Jennifer at Three Dogs in a Garden will have your heart beating faster and longing for spring. Take a garden tour and learn more about these sanguine selections. || Three Dogs in a Garden - Gardening

Three Dogs in a Garden: A Spring Valentine
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    Carol Diaz-Sterling

    OMGOSH! So beautiful! I want that in my yard.

Pair the Viagrow Plastic Potato Planter Raised Bed with a pack of seed potatoes, and in a few months you'll harvest home-grown spuds. This potato planter features a drainage hole and a Velcro door to check progress on the spuds.

Viagrow 20 in. Plastic Potato Planter Raised Bed (2-Pack)-V30910 - The Home Depot

To get a handle on weeds, the gardener’s best defense is a good offense. Build up a healthy lawn and garden beds, cultivate good gardening habits, and weeds will become less of a problem over time. Click through to The Home Depot's Garden Club to learn more.

To Eliminate Weeds, Begin with the Seeds | Garden Club

For your to-do list before garden planting time-- get your soil tested and take the recommended steps to balance your soil. Leo and Jane (and their faithful friend Lucy) show you how on their blog, Cottage at the Crossroads. The Home Depot sells soil test kits and local extension services offer tests, too. || Cottage at the Crossroads

After the Soil Test, What Next? - Cottage at the Crossroads
  • Cottage at the Crossroads
    Cottage at the Crossroads

    Thanks @The Home Depot! Thanks for the shout out and it's good to know that you have soil test kits!

For the botanically inclined, enjoy this absolutely lovely way to display your potted tulips. Follow Sand and Sisal’s instructions and shake loose the dirt, add marbles to a clear container and admire the beauty of the tulip, roots and all. || Sand and Sisal

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water - Sand and Sisal

No matter the size of your garden or your gardening style, it’s necessary to invest in quality tools so that your plants can flourish — and to make your gardening tasks easier. The Home Depot's Garden Club can help you determine the garden tools you need.

Tools to Fit Your Gardening Style | Garden Club

Your gardening style determines the tools you will need to make your gardening tasks easier and more effective. Follow our handy quiz and learn your gardening style and the tools you need to get the job done, then click through to learn more.

What Kind of Gardener Are You? | Garden Club

Do your gardening daydreams involve a greenhouse, but maybe your budget isn't ready? Look no further than your kitchen recyclables, and try A Garden for the House's trick of winter-sowing, making mini-greenhouses out of discarded milk cartons.

Your 2015 Winter-Sowing Project

Succulents are the ideal no fuss plant. Requiring minimal space and attention, they deliver beautiful accents to any room or flower arrangement that even novice gardeners can handle. See the many ways you can display succulents when you click through.

Display Succulents in Style | Garden Club

Escape the chill of winter by going on a mini-vacation in your own home with tropical houseplants. Popular tropicals such as Peace Lilies, Rabbit’s Foot Ferns, and orchids will bring a warm oasis of color indoors that even the most novice gardener can keep happy until spring.

Warm Up with Tropical Houseplants. | Garden Club

Beyond kale chips and green smoothies, there are many wonderful ways to incorporate dark leafy kale in your menus. Try Jeanette's Healthy Living's flavorful and fresh recipe for Kale Guacamole. || Jeanette | Jeanette's Healthy Living

Kale Guacamole Recipe - Jeanette's Healthy Living

Starting seedlings indoors is a great way to get the most out of your garden season. Shaina Olmanson of Food for My Family recycles containers and gets her kids involved in the seed starting project. Shaina offers tips for nourishing the seedlings from seed to garden. || Shaina Olmanson | Food for My Family

Caring for Seedlings Indoors | Food for My Family

Learning the different between mint and basil can be difficult for the youngest gardeners. Jennifer of August Wren painted/designed river rocks to help her children learn the difference, and possibly saved dinner in the process. || August Wren

August Wren: Herb Markers
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    Lisa Brewer

    So nice!

No need to rely on hothouse flowers for a touch of spring in the darkest days of winter; just bring some branches of forsythia inside and force them to bloom. Kevin at A Garden for the House shows you how, including an extensive list of shrubs suitable for forcing.

Instant Spring: Forcing Forsythia & Other Branches

Ginger's roots are showing with this neat little hack. Just soak the roots overnight, then plant in a saucer of Sphagnum moss. Grow outside or inside, and enjoy some culinary spice. Steven at The Rainforest Garden shows you how. || Steve Asbell

Follow Anne at The Micro Gardener's 4 Step Guide to Building a Herb Spiral, and all your herb gardening will turn, turn, turn. This compact design will add architectural interest to any garden setting. || The Micro Gardener

4 Step Guide to Building a Herb Spiral -

Let loose your inner crafter with an easy embellishment for an inexpensive basket. Trish and Bonnie of Uncommon Designs use Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints (available from The Home Depot) to dress up the nest for an easy care succulent. || Uncommon Designs

DIY Stripe Painted Baskets - Uncommon Designs

Vegetable gardening doesn’t end with summer’s tomatoes. Grow greens through the cooler months and enjoy a winter’s worth of comforting dishes like this dish of Sauteed Garlicky Greens with Chickpeas from bloggers Todd Porter and Diane Cu at White on Rice Couple. || Todd & Diane (White On Rice Couple)