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Get your garden growing with these simple tips and party how-tos. We have recipes, too, for the herbs and veggies you grew yourself!

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With leaves that turn shades of purple to scarlet, October Glory Maple is, well, one of the glories of fall. Learn how to identify, plant and prune trees like maples in this story featured on The Home Depot's Garden Club.

How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Enjoy year-round gardening a greenhouse. This one is 8 ft. 4 in. x 8 ft. 2 in. This greenhouse's crystal-clear polycarbonate panels are nearly unbreakable and feature 100% UV protection for high light transmission.

Palram 8 ft. 4 in. x 8 ft. 2 in. Polycarbonate Silver Greenhouse-701371 - The Home Depot

Bromeliads help bring your gardening indoors. These indoor houseplants make beautiful centerpieces.

Delray Plants Bromeliad Vriesea Yellow in 4 in. pot-4BROMVRYEL - The Home Depot
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Fragrant and colorful potpourri can be mixed from the flowers in your garden. Garden Matter blogger Patti shows you how. || Patti @ Garden Matter

DIY Potpourri from Your Garden - Garden Matter

This galvanized metal watering can keeps plants happy during the hottest days of the summer, then retires to a quiet corner of the porch, looking all rustic and stylish. Plop a few blooms from the hydrangea bush in it for shabby chic appeal.

Barebones Living 1.5 gal. Metal Watering Can-14053433 - The Home Depot

Boot trays are not just for the mud room. They work great to keep the back of your car clean when you pick up your Garden Center goodies... and muddy boots, too.

Achla Designs Boot Tray-BT-01 - The Home Depot

Bromeliads bring the party outdoors when the weather heats up and indoors in winter. Bromeliad's favorite companion plants are hibiscus, canna lilies and birds of paradise. Learn more about planting tropical plants like bromeliads at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Plant a Poolside Garden – Make A Splash | Garden Club
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This "Rowdy Tiki Totem" would make some noise on your deck or in your garden. It's lightweight and made for outdoor or indoor use.

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Few things are as frustrating to gardeners as planting beautiful gardens and then facing a season of drought and water restrictions. Rain barrels are one effective way to conserve water in the garden. Help your landscape fight drought with these tips from The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Help Your Landscape Fight Drought | Garden Club

Sanseveria, known by the more colorful names "mother-in-law's tongue" or "snake plant" comes in at #2 on our list of 5 Houseplants You Can't Kill. Check out the list to see more houseplants that take some unintentional neglect, on The Home Depot's Garden Club.

5 Houseplants You Can't Kill | Garden Club

    I have the mother-in-laws' tongue plant in the original vase that my father brought to the hospital for my mother on their 10th wedding anniversary the day I was born. That was 63 years ago. It has never been repotted. I have seen it bloom several times.

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Herb sugars are just one way to use the bounty from your herb garden. Rosemary and lavender add flavor to salts, mint and basil freshen marinades and flavor water. Find more inspiration at The Home Depot's Garden Club, "How to Preserve and Use Your Herbal Harvest."

How to Preserve and Use Your Herbal Harvest | Garden Club

The feathery plumes of astilbe work beautifully in borders with dappled sunlight. Blogger Kate of Gardening and Gardens shares lovely pictures of astilbe in her Long Island, NY garden.

Feathery Plumes of Astilbe

The abundant blooms of hydrangea make lovely cut arrangements, but require extra care to make them last. Follow StoneGable blog's tips for maximizing these beautiful blooms. || Stone Gable

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On your next nature walk, save acorns and bits of moss to surround succulents in this faux stone planter. A clever idea from Lucy at Craftberry Bush blog. || Lucy (Craftberry Bush)

How to make a faux stone planter

When you're adding an arbor to your garden, take a tip from the blogger behind Empress of Dirt-- add shelves. This design is perfect for popping in strawberries and other climbers. Follow the DIY at Empress of Dirt. || Melissa ❤

DIY Strawberry Arbor - Empress of Dirt
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    What a fabulous idea for the limited garden space in my back yard! There is nothing like fresh strawberries out of your own garden - Yum!

Create a focal point in your garden with a bubbling fountain. Check out these five tips to choosing the right fountain for your space..

Five Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Water Fountain | Garden Club

The bold, heart-shaped leaves of caladiums are unmistakable in the summertime garden. Variations of dots and spots in red, pink, white and green make them a favorite for sunny borders, containers and window boxes. Easy to grow from bulbs, or buy in containers. Learn more about summer window box plants from The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Plant a Summer Window Box | Garden Club

Gardening myth busted: It's actually beneficial to plants to cut the flowers, it helps healthy plants bloom prolifically. Beth at More than Oregano blog offers advice for making the most of the lovely blooms in your garden. || Beth Billstrom

Natural Floral Bouquet From the Garden
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A perennial bed offers beauty for the gardener and nourishment for the ecosystem. Follow Julie at Southern Wild Designs as she shares the perennial garden she carved out of a corner of her lawn. || Julie@Into the Southern Wild: Garden design, garden writer, diy home projects

Got Sun? Get Perennials! - Southern Wild Design

Hardy herbs with woody stems like lavender, thyme and rosemary take well to drying. The best time to harvest herbs for drying is while they are budding, just before blooming. Using sharp scissors, trim the stems and bundle them with kitchen twine. Read more about preserving your herbal harvest at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

How to Preserve and Use Your Herbal Harvest | Garden Club

Here's the cage to match all tomato plant cages. It's the ultimate, or so its name says and it's designed to hold the heaviest of tomatoes (or other veggies) growing in your garden.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon Ultomato Tomato Plant Cage-TMC60 - The Home Depot

Rain chains make a beautiful sound when it pours. They also provide beauty and tranquility in your landscape. On the more practical side, they guide water from your gutters to the ground in place of downspouts and keep water away from the foundation of your home. See five ideas for installing a rain chain, at The Home Depot's Garden Club blog.

Catch the Rain with a Chain | Garden Club

If you deadhead your spent flowers, make sure you're doing it the right way. Blogger Niki Jabour of Savvy Gardening shows you how. || Savvy Gardening

Deadheading basics | Savvy Gardening | Cultivating curiosity and confidence

More than just a heavenly scent, lavender can be used in baked goods, like this buttery shortbread created by Kevin Lee Jacobs of A Garden for the House. Harvest lavender from your own herb garden and follow his step by step instructions. || Kevin Lee Jacobs

Easy Lavender Shortbread Cookies

When the mercury rises, lantana is a colorful bloom that can the heat and a variety of conditions. It's the perfect choice and in some regions comes back year after year. Learn about more plants that can take the heat on The Home Depot's Garden Club blog.

Plants that Can Take the Heat | Garden Club