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Garden Club

Get your garden growing with these simple tips and party how-tos. We have recipes, too, for the herbs and veggies you grew yourself!

Garden Club

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Sunflowers (Helianthus) brighten a summer flower or vegetable garden. Easy to grow from seed or try container varieties for a season full of sunshine. Learn more about it on The Home Depot Garden Club's plant search feature.

Home Depot | Garden Club Plant Search

Garden markers add personality to a garden and help you remember which row is tomatoes and which is peppers. Gather (or purchase) river rocks, some paint markers (pick up Sharpie brand at The Home Depot) and create these cute river rock plant markers crafted by Devin of West Valley Moms blog. || West Valley Moms Blog

DIY River Rock Garden Markers
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Hot pink petunias and cool blue lobelia are a winning combination for annual containers. Learn more about keeping annuals looking fresh and colorful all season long in The Home Depot's Caring for Annuals Project Guide.

How To Care Annuals? at The Home Depot
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Caladium is a winner for window boxes or planters in the shade. Lots of colors to choose from. You can plant as bulbs or buy them at your Home Depot Garden Center.

Caladium Mixed Dormant Bulbs (25-Pack)-70208 - The Home Depot

Fight back against slug damage on strawberries with organic warfare. Iron phosphate and remains effective up to four weeks. The slug control breaks down into organic fertilizer and can be used in the garden and around pets and wildlife.

2.5 lb. Sluggo Snail and Slug Control-LG6500 - The Home Depot

Everything you want to know about caring for your roses...The Home Depot's Garden Club blog.

Share the Beauty of Roses This Spring | Garden Club

If your raised garden beds need phosphorous, try organic bone meal. It brightens your blooms and brings necessary nutrients to plants and herbs. Just use caution, and do keep it away from your pets.

Miracle-Gro Nature's Care 3 lb. Organic Bone Meal-100125 - The Home Depot

The brilliant colors and captivating fragrance of roses can be brought to patios and balconies with container plantings. Click through to learn more about the best roses for patios from The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Planting Roses for Your Patio | Garden Club

Keeping it quirky and cute is the way to bring gardening to kids. Check out the tried-and-true ideas and lessons, including sprouting an avocado plant, from Ashley, the mom behind The Handmade Home. || Ashley Mills {the handmade home}

a super simple greenhouse for kids

One of the joys of window boxes is trying out new combinations as the seasons turn (and sometimes mid-season, too). Check out Doug Scott's fresh-as-spring combos like this one featuring caladiums, creeping jenny and verbena. || Redeem Your Ground Blog

Spring Container Gardening Plant Combinations - Redeem Your Ground |

Potted Plans: Taking the Guesswork out of Container Garden Design

These Ceramic Mini Table Top Torches look pretty and they're inviting, though not to outdoor pests. The citronella oil sends them flying.

Hampton Bay 5.6 in. Ceramic Mini Table Top Torch with White Glaze (2-Pack)-YBH056S-w - The Home Depot

If the leaves of your roses look like this, it's time to use an organic treatment for Sawfly larvae, aka rose slugs. Insecticidal soap is easy to use for organic gardening. May be used on edible crops up to day of harvest.

Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Insecticidal Soap-0747210 - The Home Depot

Roses are demanding, but the rewards are plentiful. Learn more about caring for roses from Redneck Rosarian blogger Chris Van Cleave and The Home Depot’s Garden Club.

Share the Beauty of Roses This Spring | Garden Club

Slow down and enjoy spring, encourages gardener and writer Deborah Silver. Stroll through her neighborhood and gardens, beginning with variegated Lily of the Valley, shown here. From her view in Michigan, spring is a time of "promise and possibility." || Deborah Silver

The Spring Garden | Dirt Simple

Jennifer of 3 Dogs in a Garden shares 10 top choices, both new- and old-fashioned, for blooming shrubs. Flowering almond, weigela, deutzia and Rose of Sharon are just a few. Check out her lovely pictures at 3 Dogs in a Garden. || Three Dogs in a Garden

Spring is the time to plant succulents. They're easy to care for so long as you don't over-water. Find out more on The Home Depot's Garden Club blog.

Plant drought smart succulents now. | Garden Club

These Ragtime Petunias add a wonderful spot of bright pink to Shavonda Gardner's patio. The blogger behind SG Style used these gorgeous flowers in her patio makeover. See it on The Home Depot Blog. || SG Style

A Boho Patio Makeover via The Power Of Paint

Potted plants layered in different colors and sizes to add depth to an outdoor living space. See more of this exceptional patio makeover with lots of outdoor decorating ideas by Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm. It's on The Home Depot Blog. || Sugar and Charm

Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space - The Home Depot

Easy container gardening with Drop -N-Bloom mixed arrangements demonstrated by Stephanie Fisher of Glitter and Goat Cheese. It's part of a colorful update to her flower-filled outdoor living room. See it on The Home Depot Blog. || Stephanie Shore Fisher

Colorful Updates to a Flower-Filled Outdoor Living Room
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Gardenias, famous for their heady fragrance, creamy blooms and evergreen foliage, are hardy from Zones 7 to 10. They can be finicky, but once you smell that sweet perfume in your garden, you’ll swear they are worth every little bit of extra attention. Read more about gardenias and five more beautiful spring-blooming shrubs at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Turn nursery pots upside down in a planter to provided drainage. That's what Lesley Graham did with this hosta plant. It was part of sprucing up her front porch for spring. See it on The Home Depot Blog. || Lesley W Graham

This small display of flowers and succulents mixes colors textures and heights for maximum visual impact. This is just one of the lovely details of the family-friendly patio styled by Alix Adams of A Ruffled Life for The Home Depot's Patio Style Challenge. See it on The Home Depot Blog. || Alix Adams

3 Tips for a Welcoming Outdoor Living Space - The Home Depot

Gardening is good for the soul... and the family. That's Erika Ward of BluLabel Bungalow and her son sharing the fun of gardening. They worked together to spruce up their back patio with new plants and flowers. See it on The Home Depot Blog. || Erika Ward

Container Gardening Ideas for a Patio Upgrade - The Home Depot
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Looking for something beyond the typical wire tomato cages, perhaps something with a little more style for your homegrown tomatoes? Try this DIY tomato cage from Kristen Whitby at Ella Claire blog. || Kristen Whitby |

DIY Tomato Cage | Sturdy and Inexpensive
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