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Get your garden growing with these simple tips and party how-tos. We have recipes, too, for the herbs and veggies you grew yourself!

Garden Club

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Gardenias, famous for their heady fragrance, creamy blooms and evergreen foliage, are hardy from Zones 7 to 10. They can be finicky, but once you smell that sweet perfume in your garden, you’ll swear they are worth every little bit of extra attention. Read more about gardenias and five more beautiful spring-blooming shrubs at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

6 Beautiful Spring-Blooming Shrubs | Garden Club
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That big bright bloom seen climbing up and around mailboxes and trellises is Clematis. Profuse blooms in early summer and the ability to take the heat make it a favorite. Find out more about clematis and other flowers in The Home Depot's Garden Club plant search.

Home Depot | Garden Club Plant Search
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When your tulips and daffodils finish blooming, don't rush to trim them away. Apartment Therapy has some good advice.

Cleaning Up the Spring Bulbs: What NOT To Do

A sleek and simple design for your container garden. Made of a patented plastic composite, this planter will stand up to the tests of time.

Veradek Midori 31 in. x 9 in. Black Trough Plastic Planter-MLO31B - The Home Depot

Let Mother Nature, and perhaps a thousand worms, do all the work inside a compost bin. Learn how to make the most of your compost bin at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Make the Most of Your Composter | Garden Club
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Frame your tomato plants with these colorful powder-coated, heavy gauge tomato cages, and watch the plants take off. No worries about flimsy cages collapsing in summer storms or from the weight of your prize-winning fruit. And fastidious gardeners will appreciate the variety of colors, perfect for organizing by variety. Or just enjoy the additional color in your garden.

G&B 42 in. Heavy Duty Green Tomato Cage-901594GR - The Home Depot
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Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm used pots of different sizes to layer plants and flowers to add depth to her outdoor living space. These succulents look smashing in this tall planter. See more of her patio makeover on The Home Depot Blog. || Sugar and Charm

Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space - The Home Depot
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Propagating herbs is a simple way to share your love of gardening with friends. Beth Billstrom of More than Oregano shows how in this step-by-step tutorial. || Beth Billstrom

Herb Starters: Propagating Cuttings - More Than Oregano
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Easy idea for your porch or garden. A shutter, two hooks and then add your own accessories such as this metal star candle holder.

Metal Star Candle Holder-KF130148 - The Home Depot
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When things get thorny in the rose garden, put on a pair of these special garden gloves.

G & F Superior Garden Rose Women's Medium Gloves-2430M - The Home Depot

Learn the basics of fertilizing the blooms and vegetables in your garden with this great "how to."

Know more about the right fertilizers for your garden at The Home Depot

Time to replace your garden boots? These waterproof boots manage moisture, fight odors and do well in cooler temperatures, too. All you need to do now is slip them on and get gardening.

BOGS Classic High Women 14 in. Size 8 Black Rubber with Neoprene Waterproof Boot-60152-001-08 - The Home Depot

Vigoro's new lawn fertilizer has a “No Burn Guarantee" with its time-release technology, so you'll get a greener lawn. Click through to learn more.

Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer with Assurance Particle Technology | The Home Depot Community
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Colorful and curvy, this clever twist on a plant stake gives your tomatoes something to hold on to. The G&B Tomato Twist comes in four powder-coated colors - red, yellow, blue and green.

G&B 60 in. Color Tomato Twist-901267ST - The Home Depot

Azaleas need food, too. Fertilize for beautiful blooms and watch the return on investment.

Vigoro 3.5 lb. Azalea Camellia and Rhododendron Plant Food-124248 - The Home Depot
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The only thing cuter than these canine corn carriers will be the corny conversation they cause. Get an earful between the wag and the bark. From Charcoal Companion, set of 8 (4 heads, 4 tails).

Charcoal Companion Corn Holders - Dog (8-Set)-CC5009 - The Home Depot
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Still trying to get the job done with Grandpa's rusty garden shears? Invest in quality tools this season with advice from the Must Have Gardening Tools Buying Guide at The Home Depot

Must Have Gardening Tools at The Home Depot

The right tool for the job makes gardening so much more enjoyable. Check out blogger Lisa Tutman-Oglesby's recommendations for a gardener's tool wardrobe on Celebrate Creativity. || Lisa Tutman-Oglesby


Gardening is magical, and so is this whimsical garden fountain that appears to defy the laws of physics.

Universal Home and Garden Fantasy Fountains Galvanized Watering Can Fountain-14395230 - The Home Depot
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Weed control is so much easier when you start with a solid foundation of landscape fabric before building up your flower bed. Learn more about controlling weeks at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

Tips for Weed-Free Lawns and Gardens | Garden Club

Have you exercised your garden soil lately? Folding and fluffing improves soil and gives roots room to grow, according to Blooming' Thyme blog. And the added benefit is a healthy workout for the gardener.

Have You Exercised Your Soil Lately?

With vibrant and variegated foliage and texture, hosta are the top perennial for shade, and many gardeners will confirm that growing them can be addictive. Learn more at The Home Depot's Garden Club.

The Hostas Have It | Garden Club

Experienced container gardeners have a formula-- Thriller, Filler and Spiller-- to describe the elements of a successful floral container. Our friends at Proven Winners give more details in this how-to.

Container Garden Design - Structure
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Add some classic color to your yard with roses. This All About Roses guide from The Home Depot has all you need to know about different varieties of roses, how to care for them, and how to prune roses for maximum blooms.

All About Roses at The Home Depot

A chef has knives and a gardener has pruners, both needing to be sharp and clean at all times. If it's been awhile since you've maintained your garden pruners, check out this primer on caring for your garden tools from Ryan at This Natural Dream. || This Natural Dream

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