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Home Improvement 101

Follow for daily definitions of everyday goods sold at The Home Depot. Become an expert in the aisles by learning useful vocabulary and handy info for your next DIY project or home renovation.

Home Improvement 101

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Adding custom trim makes a dramatic difference on the style of your home. Combine various pieces of moulding into “build-ups” to get that craftsman style look. Get started with these project instructions.

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    This is such a great idea! I have to try this!

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    Lasher Contracting

    Gorgeous piece of trim! Great way to easily update a room!

An ogee edge countertop has a bit more flourish than some of the other edge options, as it combines a convex curve and a concave curve to create an S-shaped edge.

Unlike a square edge countertop where the edge forms a perfect right angle, an eased edge countertop has a slightly rounded corner.

A beveled edge countertop has an angled cut where the countertop ends, giving the countertop a simple but polished look.

A half bullnose or demi-bullnose countertop edge has a rounded corner on the top edge and a straight corner on the bottom edge.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used in construction to elevate and support both people and materials during building or maintenance.

Scaffolding - Ladders
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A cornice is a horizontal piece of moulding that tops an architectural element, most commonly a door, window, or column.

A scupper waterfall is a contemporary style of waterfall in which the water cascades in a flat horizontal sheet.

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    Total Wallcovering

    A friend of mine just installed one of these in his pool and it looks amazing :-)

A square edge countertop is the style of finished edge seen here with straight perpendicular lines.

Kitchen Countertops at The Home Depot

Crown moulding is the moulding that can be found where the ceiling and wall meet. There are many different styles of crowm moulding, such as dentil moulding (pictured here), egg and dart, or roped moulding.

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A gutter guard, or gutter shield, is a filter that can be attached to a home's gutter to prevent leaves and debris from clogging the gutter.

A duranta plant is a tropical shrub that can easily be trained into hedges or trees.

Garden Center, Landscaping, Trees & Plants Care at The Home Depot

Strap hinges are an early style of hinge in which long thin strip of metal is attached to a door or gate allowing for movement. Today strap hinges are often used decoratively in cabinet hardware, garage doors, and gates.

A saw horse is a handy item to have around a workshop. It's a beam with four legs that makes it easy to support projects.

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A louvered door is an interior door that has louvered panels inset into the frame, allowing for light and sound to pass through them.

A waterfall edge is a contemporary style of countertop design in which the countertop extends all the way down one side of the cabinet or island.

Kitchen Countertops at The Home Depot

An air compressor uses power to release quick bursts of air. They can be connected to pneumatic tools to create a more powerful effect. An air compressor is a great way to make your stapler, paint sprayer, sandblaster, or drill more powerful!

A shop light usually refers to a type of light than can be easily moved around a shop or workspace to allow for easier task lighting. Often, a shop light has a stand or clip that allows it to adapt to illuminate any project.

Commercial Lighting - Lighting & Ceiling Fans at The Home Depot

A BTU, or British Thermal Unit, measures the amount of heat a grill can give off.

Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills & Grill Accessories at The Home Depot

Have you ever noticed those little s-shaped doo dads that fix an exterior shutter to a home? Yes, they have a name. It's a 'shutter dog.'

Winworks Pair of S Holdbacks-80022000 at The Home Depot

An eyebrow dormer is a style of dormer in which a portion of the roof protrudes in wave-like shape, while the bottom of the dormer remains flat.

A gable (sometimes called a dog house) dormer is a style of dormer in which two sloped roofing planes meet, creating a ridge.

An exposed brick wall often refers to a brick wall that was previously covered in either drywall or plaster that for various reasons has been uncovered and left bare, with just bricks and mortar showing. Today, they are commonly found in restored industrial spaces.

Cement, Concrete Mixer & Building Materials at The Home Depot

Open shelving is a popular trend in kitchen design in which kitchen items like glassware and dishes are displayed on shelving that is open, rather than behind cabinet doors. Ask about shelving that compliments your cabinet style if you're undergoing a kitchen renovation, or add simple shelves to an empty kitchen wall to create more storage.

Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Faucets & Sinks at The Home Depot

An attached pergola, as its name suggested, is affixed to another structure, most often a home or garage. As with the freestanding variety, a pergolas usually covered with climbing vines and greenery.