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Lindenhurst, NY  ·  Canadian-born husband, dad, technology professional. Fan of sci fi, Weird Al, health/fitness. P90X and P90X2 grad. Facebook: Home Fitness Geek
Home Fitness Geek (Fred Firestine)
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Many boxed chocolates come with a little menu that tells you what kind of chocolate you’re dealing with. It’s useful if you want to, say, eat all the caramels and leave the coconuts, but even if you don’t have a guide, it’s pretty easy to identify chocolate types just by their shape.

The Chocolate meditation is an exercise to use for mindfulness. It is simple, easy and less intimidating than guided imagery. Plus you get to have a piece of chocolate:)

Squats With Loop Resistance Bands

Loop Resistance Bands exercises can work every muscle group on your body. You will find amazing exercises for your Legs, Back, Biceps, Shoulders and more!

(Jan. 12, 2016)-- Netflix prides itself on algorithmic magic that attempts to predict what you want to watch next. Most of the time, it works. But there are those occasions when you’re in the mood ...

A new batch of films and television shows will be introduced to Netflix’s streaming service in February. The list below shows all of the movies and television shows coming to Netflix in February.