Loved these

Luden's Wild Cherry cough drops - On Sunday in church in case you started coughing.My Grandma always had these. I would eat them like candy!


Table Jukebox - You chose the tune and put a coin in to hear it. They were at each table in a restaurant/diner. There used to be a restaurant in simcoe that had these.

for hours!

Vintage Croquet Set

Vintage croquet set, Summer yard game We still play this. Also known as "killer croquet" in our family.

Bozo was a kid favorite...actually got to be on his show w friend Won a loaf of Wonder Bread.

Bozo The Clown---Chicago TV station Channel was a kid favorite OMG I LOVED BOZO and then they had the bucket game at Chuck E Cheese

Diner table jukebox

EMILY'S A juke box with a song from the fifties on it ---- (This is the only good thing I could find and I also have had this pin on my "Diners" board for a long time.) American Diner by at the table

Loved this show!

The Jetsons::Meet George Jetson. Jane, his wife. His boy, Elroy.and of course - faithful dog, Astro.

loved this show also

Gomer pyle usmc season 1 episode Tv gomer pyle, usmc 1966 the borrowed car dvd. In addition to jim nabor's phenomenal success with gomer pyle.

Toys Of The Sixties | ART SKOOL DAMAGE : Christian Montone: Nuggets From The Vintage ...

vintage toy - travel number puzzle game by christian montone - i remember busting the tiles out and putting them back n how i wanted!


vintage pay phone - not sure what decade this is from - might be more The payphones I remember from the & were touchtone.

The Flying Nun...I loved this show.

I remember watching this show and thinking "what a funny idea for a nun to fly". Every time I see Sally Field I picture her flying.