Free Printable States and Capitals Worksheets

States and Capitals Worksheets

Free Printable States and Capitals Worksheets-educational 'busy work' for kiddos who finish early. Especially great since there is little time dedicated to history in the classroom

Printouts for all 50 states!  Also flashcards to color which have interesting state facts.

Printouts for all 50 states from Crayola Website! soooo wanna break out the colored pencils and do a state report!

Learn the 7 continents with these fun printables! Lots of suggestions for use included.

Learn the Continents: Free Printable!

Is your child learning about world geography? Mama's learning Corner has FREE Continent Cards! She includes suggestions on how to use these great cards.

Learning State Capitals #homeschool #freebies #printables

Learning State Capitals Free Printables

Homeschool in the Hills: Learning State Capitals - Week 1 worksheets for state…

Social Studies Bundle {Scaffolded Units} is a bundle of resources for second grade social studies. Includes: Long Ago & Now, Map Skills (Location, Location, Location), QR Codes for Biography Research, and All About Laws and How Nations Get Along. It's a complete year of social studies curriculum for the elementary grades.  Included are a variety of strategies to scaffold the content for your English learners.

Social Studies Bundle

Learning about the Unites States one state at a time.

Learning about the Unites States one state at a time. (See Jamie Teach Homeschool)

Bug and Monkey have been learning about the states. I found these amazing printable maps at Your Child Learns. You can print out maps of each continent or even a world map.