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Do you consider yourself a gardening geek? Or a green thumb in the making? Either way, this board has everything you might need for a Grade-A Gardening Education. Find popular products, tips, tricks and inspiration from expert gardeners & enthusiasts alike who love being outdoors just as much as you do.
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In this DIY project you learn how to simply make a gorgeous living succulent wreath to hang or use as a table centerpiece. Full instructions with photos.

How To Grow Your Natural Sponge and Eat It too! How to grow your own organic sponge for bath and kitchen and GIFTS! The plant Luffa is a beautiful vine with delicious young fruits, large flowers and edible leaves! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Backyard landscaping with raised garden beds- what a great idea to enclose the underside of a porch!

Backyard landscaping with raised garden beds- what a great idea to enclose the underside of a porch!

Backyard landscaping with raised garden beds- what a great idea to enclose the underside of a porch!

Garden Pruning Guide | Complete list that includes Spring Blooming Plants | Lilacs, Forsythia, Rhododendron. #Sponsored

Garden Pruning Guide | List of easy to grow plants and when to prune from a DIY gardener. This is broken down into types of plants with examples that make it super simple. #Sponsored

5 More Must-Have Perennials | tried and true favorites to plant once and enjoy for years to come! #spon

Free plans to build a gorgeous reclaimed window and reclaimed wood Potting Bench! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Chickens give us yummy eggs, and they are great helpers in the garden! Here are 7 essential steps on how to get started with backyard chickens! - A Piece Of Rainbow

32 most creative and unique planter tutorials! How to make your own plating containers from from up-cycled and re-purposed objects and materials! - A Piece Of Rainbow Blog

Garden Perspective Drawing is method that anyone can learn to draw a home garden for fun or to make a plan for future plantings. These tips from Landscape Designer and Illustrator make it easy to do at home.

There are lots fruit trees and berry bushes that do well in containers. Pick your favorites and have your own edible garden on your balcony, patio, or porch. Options include strawberries, apples, currants, blackberries, and more. #sponsored

Black metal Front porch bench with watercolor feather pillow, french grain sack cushion and flowers in a bucket for Spring | Cozy Spring Home Tour | www.unskinnyboppy.com

Give your outdoor living space a fresh boost! Just like a spring cleaning for your home, sometimes a new basket of flowers, garden art, patio set, or potting table can provide the unique style (or great place to nap) you've been looking for. Come see these ideas for a range of styles and budgets. #sponsored

How to root Fiddle Leaf Fig from stem or leaf cuttings! Now you can have the one of the most gorgeous indoor plants and propagate it for every room! - A Piece Of Rainbow

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DIY bottle greenhouse and success tips! | A piece of rainbow blog

30+ inspiring DIY Pallet outdoor living projects with great tutorials! Pallet chandelier, pallet swings, pallet doormat, pallet love seat, and lots more! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Build a Shutter Garden! http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/salvaged-the-32-shutter-challenge-repurposing-shutters-in-the-garden/

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12+ Ideas for bird bath planters - turn that broken bird bath into something wonderful. Concrete birdbaths tend to crack apart. Use that as an opportunity to create a wonderful garden planter filled with succulents and flowers.

Love hummingbirds? There are many different flowering plants you can add to your garden or balcony to attract and nourish these beautiful birds. Have a look at the suggestions and see what would work in your yard. Hummingbirds, like bees and butterflies,

Container Gardening for Beginners | An easy tutorial that shows how to assemble a round container with flowers. #Sponsored

Coffee Table Succulent Garden | Shows how to plant succulents in vintage containers for a lovely coffee table display.