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    Hometalk: Gardening

    Do you consider yourself a gardening geek? Or a green thumb in the making? Either way, this board has everything you might need for a Grade-A Gardening Education. Find popular products, tips, tricks and inspiration from expert gardeners & enthusiasts alike who love being outdoors just as much as you do.

    Hometalk: Gardening

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    Fishhooks Senecio, or String Of Fishhooks, trails like crazy & is easy to grow. It makes a great houseplant. Get tips & watch the video. #succulents #gardening

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    "Julia Child" is a gorgeous floribunda rose with prolific blooms the color of butter (of course!). It was an AARS winner in 2006. Love this one!

    10 Smart Reasons to Use Raised Beds in Your Garden: save money and grow more!

    Want to make something cool? Recycled DIY and Craft Project Idea Bank - look up what you have and get ideas for stuff you can make

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    Everyone knows hosta is great for the shade and a beautiful hardy perennials it is, however, there are other great shady bloomers that you may not have heard of that do well in my shady backyard.

    According to Merriam-Webster, an herb is a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. They are easy to grow. When you do, you'll want to find way to use them not only for cooking, but also to make great skin care and to decorate your home.

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    Blueberries may be the perfect small fruit for home gardeners. The attributes are plentiful: minimal pruning, almost no insect or disease pests, great productivity of valuable fruit, adapted to a wide climate range.

    Make a seed starting light:

    DIY easy to make burlap bunny... make it in just minutes!

    There are many ways to create your dream garden without spending a lot of money. These tips show how one gardener created her own organic paradise on a low budget with some smart, frugal tips. #sponsored

    What is the best wood to use for raised garden beds and which ones can be harmful? Find out here!

    Flower Seeds for Fall Planting with Sensible Gardening. Why some seeds need the cold treatment and which plants to sow in the fall for next years blooms.

    If you love fairy gardens and all the magic of miniature decor and wee folk, these 5 tips will help get you started. Discover how to select a theme, choose the right plants, create accessories (and save money), and set up a little world of your own.

    Turn plain, boring fences into fun, upcycled works of art with these craetive ideas. Make a rustic garden art star from wood scraps, a wreath, and a tin star.

    Rose arbor with arch - see 20+ arbor, trellis, and obelisk ideas for your garden.

    You'll have a garden birds will love if you: Provide a good habitat with trees and shrubs and minimize predator stress. Grow organically. Distinguish between garden art birdhouses and nesting boxes. Use good quality bird seed and feeders. And keep water fresh and clean.

    These tall, robust, colorful geraniums (also known as zonal geraniums or Pelargonium x hortorum) can grow for many years if you take care to protect them during the winter. We've got 5 easy options for you.

    For your to-do list before garden planting time-- get your soil tested and take the recommended steps to balance your soil. Leo and Jane (and their faithful friend Lucy) show you how on their blog, Cottage at the Crossroads. The Home Depot sells soil test kits and local extension services offer tests, too. || Cottage at the Crossroads