Müd Packaging of the World. Cookies and more.... Yummm curated by Packaging Diva PD

Müd (Student Work)

Müd Packaging of the World. Cookies and more. Yummm curated by Packaging Diva PD wanna make a cute bakery with the cutest branding design!

Wellington Chocolate / Gina Kiel

Using what's inside to make a pattern for the outside. Wellington Chocolate Factory Packaging by Gina Kiel

Waddesdon Wine: Rothschild Collection by Paul Belford

Vintage Map Print used in "Waddesdon Wine: Rothschild Collection" Wine Bottle Wrap Packaging


reserved for meghan Plymouth Dairy Bottle

I started having the milk delivered because I loved the cute milk bottles and it was a really fun old school idea. now the girls will ONLY drink milk man milk!

50%, a translucent restaurant by Matteo Morelli

Graphic design and packaging: beautiful shape of glass bottles, a translucent restaurant by Matteo Morelli

Rutt Beer Brewery

RuTT Beer Brewery

Rutt Beer Brewery - The complexity of the animal illustrations is complemented well by the playful typography and simple colour palettes, which hold the designs together. All of these elements together make me think they'd appeal to a mass audience.

matt purcell.

French Brie Cheese by Gourmet Cheese packaging & branding design created from randomised brief factors and restrictions intending to disrupt packaging conventions.

These are absolutely adorable! Made with 11"x 8.5" card stock. No cutting only folding. Use different colors/patterns and scrapbooking supplies to decorate the bags for different holidays and gifts. Cute way to do homemade treats as a gift.

DIY Origami Mini Gift Bag Tutorial from Silveys Craftroom here. The actual bag is made out of an uncut (just folded) piece of x 11 card stock. First seen at EPBOT here. For more origami DIYs go here.

Funny Ice Cream Packaging Concept Describes The Stages Of PMS - DesignTAXI.com curated by Packaging Diva PD. Sent to me via Twitter by Daniela : )

US graphic designer Parker Jones has created a funny set of ice cream packaging specially for women for that “time of the month”.