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Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan

I laughed so much

The Greek knew about it…

The cast of The Princess Bride reunited after 25 years. Love this SO much!

The Princess Bride reunited…

Staff Sgt. Dan Nevins of Wounded Warriors Project. - nobody ever looked better in a kilt!

No judgement here.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

Today's weight loss tip: Use superglue as lip gloss.

25 Weird And Amusing Christmas Decorations (and not only) - Seriously, For Real?

best. snowman. ever.

best. snowman. ever. - ruggedthug


When You Outgrow Elf on a Shelf | Stix Blog

funny prank. Hilarious to do at the daycare I work at right now!!

funny pranks (39) - Dump A Day

Cotton balls prank hmmm.... This maybe good on Cory one night! Hehe!

Cotton balls prank

OMG pure evil! If all those cups are filled with glitter, and glitter is the herpes of craft supplies... I wouldn't want to be the person on the other side of that door! haha

Glitter Cup Prank

The guys at the office think they are funny…

The guys at the office think they are funny…

Bet You Can't...

Bet You Can't... | BuzzFeed - Yahoo Screen

Couple Returns Home From Honeymoon to Find Home Covered in Post-It Notes | Odd News - Yahoo News

1930: Rare footage of Helen Keller speaking with the help of Anne Sullivan.


What to do when your family is afraid of mice…

How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush.. a series of pics you will love..

How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush

Cat candle with a skeleton!

Culture Wick: Awesome (Potential) Product - PyroPet

nutella gelato - they only thing I learned to say in Italian: 2 scoops of nutella gelato in a cup, please.

New Year's Resolutions: Body Image - Glitter, Inc.

Too funny

Funny Pictures - 37 Pics

Lesson 873 - The power of one (photo)

Lesson 873 - The power of one (photo)

20 Great "Golden Girls" Comebacks

20 Great "Golden Girls" Comebacks