Great for the lake

Party Lake Raft This would be awesome I'm so ready to float the river with this!

Crock-Pot Lunch Crock

Crock-Pot, 20 ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer by Crock-Pot!

Cotton ball Bunny butt dispenser

such a cute idea! bunny tail cotton ball dispenser, I need to find one of these!

Couples alarm clock. Rings that you wear for seperate wake up times. The rings vibrate to wake you but not your partner.

Couples alarm clock: rings that you put on your finger that vibrate to wake you up so that it doesn't wake up your significant other. --- but it would vibrate the bed. I can always hear the other person's cell phone

Ice Cream Scoop from Cuisinart

*Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack Wins Design Plus Award. This new ice cream scoop stacks ice cream scoops on the cone creating a compact, cylinder shape that doesn t roll. The scoop cuts through even the hardest ice cream.

Tiny Glass Milk Carton

- It looks exactly like a milk carton but it is made of glass! - Glass Milk Carton Creamer brings funkiness to any style decor. - Everyone will get confused about how a milk carton can be made of glas

Puzzle Sandwich Cutter

My son would love this, he's a bit of a puzzle genius ; ) Love the puzzle sandwich cutter. Cute idea for a toddler size muffin tin lunch!

iPhone Charging Station

Coolest iPhone charging station ever! Displays time, received e-mails, messages, and calls.

The Healthiest Deep Fryer. Uses only 2 tbs of oil to fry. No more gallons of oil and messes.

The Healthiest Deep Fryer - Hammacher Schlemmer, makes up to 2 lbs. of crisp, succulent fried food using only one tablespoon of oil. I want one so bad.

Button Soap

Cute as a Button Soap Set Clean Cotton Scent Baby by LoveLeeSoaps

Wallet/mirror/stand case

Melt iPhone 4/4S Cases

Case for iPhone with built-in storage space for credit cards/ID. Awesome for a night out when you don't want to carry a purse. I think I need to get an iPhone just for this case.

Nordic Ware Detailed Decorating Pen

Williams-Sonoma's cake decorating supplies give endless possibilities for creating cake designs. Find cupcake decorating tools at Williams-Sonoma.

THE LAUNDRY POD, combines spinning and water-management to wash small loads of clothes. It saves water, energy, and trips to the Laundromat. Intended for small  loads (8 - 10 items), POD's spinning action washes, rinses, and extracts water to improve drying times. No need for a water or electrical hook-up; it works well in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or for camping trips. If eco-friendly soap is used, the water can be reused for watering plants or flushing toilets.

Laundry POD: RKS Inspires a New Way to See Green

Laundry POD - let's you wash small loads of laundry without electricity or water hookups. (Not for backpacking but an interesting camping luxury)

Kawaii Online Store

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker, I would LOVE this for my school lunch!

Bake Even Strips. Bake perfectly flat top cakes.

Wilton Large Bake Even Strips Set: for flat cake layers

Zevro Dry Food Dispenser

Take a look at this ZEVRO Silver Wall-Mounted Dry Foods Trio Dispenser on zulily today!