Traditional Hungarian floral patterns Stock Photo

Traditional Hungarian floral patterns

Shopping for traditional Latvian mittens in Riga, Latvia.

Top 15 Things to Do in Riga, Latvia this Winter

Monkey Fist Knot // my friend had one of these given to her by her boyfriend in the army, and it actually hurts when you hit someone with it. Good thing to keep on your keychain, maybe?

DIY Chinese Knot Ball…

Chinese embroidery

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Cathy Meyer - Hooked on Primitives

PysankaFolkArt, Etsy

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shenmei_redlotus_ chinese watercolor painting

Shen Mei | Painting

Spinning lotus threads at Ko Than Hlaing Silk and Lotus Weaving

Lotus Weaving | HandEye

romanian pillows

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Vector Ukrainian embroidery

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Crafts from Morocco for Kids

Crafts from Morocco for Kids

Estonian Folk Art Embroidery / Фото #154 - 33 - Fleur55555

Matchbox-sized Mexican art ©Mexico Import Arts

Mexico Import Arts

Shakhrisyabz Suzani, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, 273 x 190 cm, Mid 18th century. A magnificent Shakhrisyabz silk embroidery on a six-panel cotton ground. The field shows a classic four-and-one composition of circular, brilliant red poppy blossoms linked by lively green twigs. Eight palmettes radiate out from the central blossom. The field design is symmetrically conceived around the vertical as well as the horizontal central axes.

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African beads

HAND/EYE Magazine

Jacmel papier mache bowls from Haiti's Artisan Business Network

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Detail of a vodou flag by Haitian artist George Valris Photo by Edward Addeo for HAND/EYE’s 04/Haiti issue, published one year after t...

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lao textile?

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Moroccan rug made by semi-nomadic Berbers...also seen in our 05/World Textiles issue.

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Weaver Ann Roth's Leap Year 2012 Inspired on a trip to Uzbekistan

A Different Visual

Pamhidzai Rinomhota from Zimbabwe on

The Weya Way | HandEye

Pieces of Gutharraguda | HandEye Native Australian Jimmy Poland knows how to carve

Pieces of Gutharraguda

It Means Beautiful | HandEye Art meets craft in South Africa

It Means Beautiful

Block by Block | HandEye Hand carved printing blocks from India: a dwindling art?

Block by Block | HandEye

Hand made Ecuadorian burlap dolls, Otavalo Market, Ecuador

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Moroccan Crockery ♥♥♥♥ !!!!!♥♥♥♥ I love every single design ... would be happy with at least any one of them.

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